I’m pretty sure not everyone is going to like this car and that’s alright because I am almost absolutely positive the owner doesn’t care, and I just like to see just what kind of cars I can get away with posting before one of you has me committed (or at the very least disconnects my internet).

According to -273 before this car became what it is today it started as some kind of 50s Ford.

What it has become today is a little hard to describe, and I hesitate to call it a rat because that term is becoming fairly over used these days with some people even taking offense to it.

At the end of the day is what it is which is exactly what the owner wanted it to be.

Seeing this car leave a trail of sparks behind it would be terrific
This side makes it seem as though the owner has intentions of one day painting it
Suicide door is fitting, as is the exhaust
Steering wheel aside I think those are lawn chairs
Curious what the completed grill work will be.. could see a Mercury grill working maybe
Wheel choice is spot on
Not legal in Australia....
I like em' dropped

As always anymore info is appreciated.


  1. i know most people would say the car is ugly and needs a paint job. but i think the car is sick just the way it is. not to say i wouldnt be curious what it would look like painted but hey if he likes it then its all good. i particularly like the rear the tails mostly. whoever built the car is awesome.

  2. Your internet has been disconnected untill there are either sparks from the frame, or flames from those huge exhaust. or both. ;D

    Love it as is, but cant wait to see it evolve.

  3. this thing is sick im loving the 2 face with the rust and the primer and the tail pipe coming out right behind the wheel is super gnarly and the suicide door is the best part of it. sick car all the way around

  4. “Not legal in Australia” 😛

    Don’t think anything on that car would be legal here. Still mega amounts of cool though…

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