Oliver’s Travels: 2


Since the positive reception of the first Oliver’s Travels Ollie seems to have be stepped up his game in regards to the variety and quality of cars he sends through.

Actually…. that is not really true he’s always submitted a wide assortment of straight up bad ass cars. It’s only now that I have started to compile them into posts have I realized just how diverse his submissions really are.

If there was ever to be some sort of automotive Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit challenge I would want Ollie on my team…

Ollie managed to find another shot of the crazy custom Ford from last Thursday
His love for gassers has not diminished in the slightest since the last post
Seems he picked up a cab over obsession
...easy to see why
A perfect example of just drop it and keep it clean
Don Zapico's 1951 Nash Delivery
A pair of classic Fords Panels
Red wheels, red guts
Words cannot describe how much I love this
The Austin Bantam is just one of many cars Ollie introduced me too
Citroen Loadrunner, evidently a production car of which most are in France, if you are reading this blog and have access to one of these you know what needs to be done.
Note to self... post more FBs
David vs Goliath
2.3L Turbo RWD Starlet.

Thanks again Ollie!


  1. Dude that rx7 looks like its ready to eat a lions face off hahaha and the mini vs mustang epic like good vs evil the mini being good of course;-)

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