Theme Tuesdays: Classy Car Models Part 5


If you’ve liked more than one automotive fanpage on Facebook within the past six months chances are pretty good your news feed is starting to look more like a soft core porn by the day.

All this trend of posting half naked women to get likes has done is increase the chances of the disgruntled female two cubicles over reporting you to HR for looking at boobs on work time.

On SIE almost all of the female posts will stay here on the blog so you get to keep your job, and if you do happen to get caught looking at this post just claim you did it because you are into female fashion.

Works every time*.

Managing to retain some class both feet in the air is a feat
Two things which could get a lot of us in a whole lot of trouble
Fisker booth professionals at the CIAS sure didn't look anything like this...
Another booth professional
Models on roofs always make me worry a bit but she looks light enough
70s Dodge Campaigns > Today's
I know the shoes on the s2k are Battles (CST Type 1s) and I will leave it to a female reader to ID the ladies shoes
There are a couple angles from this shoot, the one below you are probably more familiar with
Right women and motorcycles Theme Tues...
Better late than never posting this Christmas themed shoot
What? Plaid is classy in some places...
911 love
and more pronounced 911 love
Green for the honeys?
Classy and sassy
It's funny how irrelevant the car is to this photo

*Might not actually work at all.

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