Theme Tuesdays: Classy Car Models Part 4


At the last round of CSCS Danny from Street Concepts was wearing a T-shirt that said “Say No To Recession Models” in addition to making me laugh this shirt made me realize it’s been awhile since I have done a ‘Classy Car Model’ Theme Tuesday.

As always pulling together this group took quite sometime because the trend for most car models (specifically import) is still to wear as little clothes as possible so everyone can see your high points and your low points.

This post is 99% cottage cheese free.

Clearly not afraid to get her hands dirty
Another great shoot
Classy e30, classy dame
Looks cold
Ladies seem to be quite attracted to dubs
Money train was on recently which happens to star a pre diva JLO
Either this model is Snooki short or that Benz is donk high
Evidently women also enjoy Fiats
Resolution is low as hell but I had to include this for nostalgia purposes
This woman was part of the very first classy car models set
Just enough car in this shot...
When you look this good matching accessories are important
God bless non powered mirrors

I think for the next female Theme Tuesday I’ll enlist the help of Jeff Butler from Motor Models for a second time.


  1. lovin how meny classics made it in this time likein that you kept that lambo pic i come in handy somtimes hay lol

  2. That roadster with the matching dress is pretty cool… I wonder, did she come home saying: “Honey, you’ll never imagine what I found, a dress that’s the same color as your hot rod! I just had to have it! ” 🙂

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