Event Coverage: 2015 Niagara Tuner And Truck Expo

Photography By: Brandon McDow, Gray Schilling, and Kurt Albert - StillSteezy.com


The Niagara Tuner and Truck Expo is a show that virtually needs no introduction here on Stance Is Everything because it’s one the site has been sponsoring and covering since its second year.

As one of relatively few all-encompassing shows in the area, it continues to get better year after year, thanks in part to an organizational staff that is focused on meeting competitor, spectator, and sponsor needs.

This year –unlike the past two– the event was blessed with a great forecast all day long. People have always come to this show despite inclement weather but with not a cloud in sight to dampen the mood it looks like it was a great event.

I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend due to prior engagements placing me in London Ontario, so Gray Schilling, Brandon McDow, and Kurt Albert, aka the crew at StillSteezy.com have graciously contributed their coverage to the site.

The three of them have an acute eye for detail and clutter free, artistic, shots so their work is always welcome here.

TnT -9850
Might as well start things of with a bang with Jon’s s14
TnT -9843
Having never seen this car in the sun I feel as though I am missing out
TnT -9874
Some of the best fitment in the city… #noshots

TnT kurt-7922

TnT -9880

TnT -0200

TnT -9968
Also representing team eggplant paint job is Steve with his Luxury Abstract equipped wide-body TL

TnT -0076

TnT -9833
Great to finally see him finally putting some kilometers on these beautiful wheels
TnT -9827
Switching gears for a moment to some unique chassis, Saabs are really starting to grow on me slowly but surely
TnT kurt-8104
This is one of maybe a handful if low CRVs in the city
TnT -9949
Unique builds can’t even be mentioned without bringing up John Woolley’s ‘Ratso Italiano’
TnT kurt-8123
He’s always down to roll through the limbo, even though his car is a 1/4 miler
TnT kurt-8119
I’m going to assume this Miata won because, let’s face it, Miatas always win
TnT kurt-8130
The last time I saw this truck was in 2011 I and it recently switched hands and got a complete make over
TnT brandon--3
It looks absolutely outstanding now, and I can’t wait to take a closer look at it in the near future

TnT -9921

TnT kurt-8115
Speaking of gorgeous black trucks Gary’s Ranger is up for sale again so he can get moving his next project

TnT -9914

TnT -9919
And speaking of projects, Brandon picked up a solid daily while his truck gets all sorts of work done
TnT -0012
DJ Msequence was keeping people amuse all day while keeping an eye on his Lexus
TnT -8041
Flipping back to S chassis this s13 looks pretty well-kept

TnT -0041

TnT -8050
The crash bar alludes to some track time too…
TnT -9984
When it comes to cleanliness Mat’s is hard to beat

TnT -9993

TnT brandon-

TnT -0070
Team ‘Next Level’ has been bringing the heat this year, all of their builds are top notch
TnT brandon-2
Enkei Apache II wheels are totally under utilized in my opinion
TnT -0268
Another very under used wheel is the BBS style 19
TnT -0271
Gives this cab a nice OEM+ look
TnT -9882
The forever struggle of keeping polished wheels bright!
TnT -0275
Now that’s shine!
TnT -9931
Looks like this car has received a wrap since I last saw it at Reunited with a red stripe down the side
TnT kurt-7989
Not going to lie a part of me misses tucking wheel like this!
TnT kurt-7980
This truck looks like an awesome time…

TnT kurt-7957

TnT kurt-7968
This is such a great looking Legacy! Might be my new favorite behind the Drift Union one
TnT -0090
Best of Show winner for TNT 2015 was Francesco and his EL

TnT -0098

TnT -0104

TnT -0107
Still hard to believe the wide-body work was done in about a week

Hopefully I can make an appearance at the show again next year but if I can’t it’s good to know I can count on the guys from Still Steezy to deliver some awesome coverage. Be sure to check out the rest of their work at StillSteezy.com!

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