WTF Friday: Trump Car(d)


I had a completely different WTF Friday written for today. Tagged, edited, ready to go as of last night. Then this franken car appeared in my timeline and that other post got pushed to another date because this, well this is crazy.

Seeing a first generation Eclipse/Talons in general seem to be exceedingly rare these days, but a first gen Talon with a 355 small block under hood? Rarer than rare. One of one in fact.

From the looks of it builder Kyle Swanson tube framed the car from at least the sub frame forward to make everything work
. He’s also clearly got a sense of humour with the Audi grill thrown in front of the rad
The headlights look like Volkswagen units (MK4 Golf maybe?) and I can’t place the front bumper
The fact that the motor is for sale makes me wonder, something more potent going in or is this car destined for the scrap heap?


It’s got that classic muscle car rake, which combined with the sound probably leaves a few people scratching their heads as it rolls by
and if you were curious about whether or not it was plated, the answer is yes.


  1. it actually looks decent from the side view but looking at it from the front looks like someone wants a volkswagen ,god awful mess, was it a wreck build or just i have a dsm fuck it kinda of deal? hahahahaha

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