Ass So Fat You Can See It From The Front: Ms. Fat Booty

Photos By: Chris Johnston


Mini Moto Lab‘s latest build, Ms. Fat Booty, started out as a small side project for co-owner Anthony’s girlfriend to cruise around on and was nearly completed four years ago before life got in the way and the build was torn apart and shoved in a box.

Brought back out years later as a much needed distraction from the now ex-girlfriend this once shelved build is now one of the most unique looking ‘Rucks’ on the streets of Toronto.


The focal point of this build, and how it earned its moniker, is of course the Douglas 10×10 rear wheel wrapped in a Duro Top Fighter rear tire.

This combo gives the bike a unique look only possible with a wheel that is as wide as it is tall.


Housing that massive roller is a custom one-off Rucksters rear mount and behind the steam roller is a custom foot actuated rear drum brake.

Up front is a Kitaco 10×3 solid disc wheel wrapped in Pirelli rubber.


A Brembro p32 Front calliper clamps down on a Braking wave 190mm front disc via a Willwood Short Lever and Master combo.



The GY6 motor has been given a little help thanks to a OKO 30mm slide cab, NCY Intake manifold and custom WirusWin exhaust.

The Ruscksters GY6 harness cleans everything up essentially giving the bike a Ruckus version of a wire tuck.



A custom seat, deep blue paint, and a laundry list of black and polished accessories outlined below round out the rest of the build and Anthony says she rides like a tank and is a whole lot of fun.



Mini Moto Lab will be at Fitted Lifestyle this weekend at Ontario Place where you can check out Ms. Fat Booty in person.

If you have a Ruck of your own join their cruse to the show, starting at 9am August 15th at Honda Canada 180 Honda Blvd.


Modification List

Go Parts

  • Custom WirusWin Exhaust
  • NCY Intake Manifold
  • Rucksters GY6 Harness
  • GY6 Motor
  • GY6 Short Axle and Nut
  • OKO 30mm Slide Carb (Black)
  • ComposiMo Angled Clocking Flange
  • Foam Race Filter

Chassis/Custom Framework

  • Rucksters Custom Weld On Mount (10″ wide one-off)
  • Weld On Kickstand
  • PSWRD JDM KickStand
  • PSWRD JDM Seat Frame
  • MML Contour Seat Pan
  • rPro Triple Tree Cover
  • rPro Washer Kit
  • rPro Turn Signals
  • MML Frame Caps
  • CNC Gas Cap Cover
  • MML Front Frame Cover
  • Custom Cut CVT Cover
  • MML Licence Plate Mount
  • Metal Tank Cover
  • rPro Step Tone Pegs


  • Full Harness tuck front and rear
  • TrailTech SCMR16 HID Light
  • Arcade Console Buttons
  • Electric Flasher Relay
  • MML Contour LED Seat Pan Taillight


  • rPro Monster Drag Bars – v2 (Top Mount)
  • Oury Mountain Grips
  • Stage6 Throttle and Controls

Wheels, Brakes & Suspension

  • Douglas 10×10 Rear Rim (rear)
  • Top Fighter Rear Tire
  • rPro Rear Rim Center Cap
  • Kitaco Front 10×3 Solid Dish (front)
  • Front Pirelli – 90/90/10
  • Fox Shox Vanilla RC Shock
  • Eye to Eye Shock Adapter
  • 700lb Fox Spring
  • GY6 Rear Drum Hub
  • Custom Hub Adapter
  • rPro Front Hub
  • KN Low Down Forks – Silver
  • Brembo P32 Front Caliper – Black
  • BOWLS P32 Caliper Adapter – 190mm – Black
  • Braking Wave 190mm Front Disk
  • WilWood Shorty Lever/Brake Master
  • Custom Drum Rear Foot Brake


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