WTF Friday: Challenge Accepted.


The FR-S and the Nissan s13 are both chassis that have been modified in almost every way imaginable.

Being the older of the two cars s13 has a bit of a head start on the FR-S in terms of craziness, but the FR-S was so highly anticipated that people went hard out of the gate.

So why not combine the two? Well the obvious answer would be because that’s crazy, but don’t tell that to these folk who have decided to skin a Nissan s13 like a Scion FRS.



How’d they get to the point above? Well they took some measurements, hacked the rear off the s13 and got busy with fiberglass.





Kind of similar to a kit car, this creation actually doesn’t look all that bad and I’m really interested to see how they pull it all together in the end.



No official build thread yet that I’ve been able to find but here’s a Facebook post about it.

If any of you have more info feel free to share and I’ll update this post.


  1. huh i guess thats one way to do it. seems like alot of work for a replica/kit of a still in production car that can be bought wrecked or used its not like its a lambo or ferrari but i guess what ever floats your boat and keeps you busy. but to replicate a car that starts at 25k seems a bit ridiculous its like making a civic replica out of a geo metro ifeel like they shouldve just swapped the front end and said done. side note i think it might look like a cool front end on an s14 or even a 350z

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