Throwback Thursday: Suisilde Drift Practice 2


Throwback Thursday is generally more of an instagram thing but I’ll take any excuse I can to post what is, in my opinion, one of the best raw drift edits ever made.

Wade Odrey is full throttle, and the fact that this video is edited as a tribute to one of the best BMX sections of all time just means I enjoy it all the more.

The responsible adult in me doesn’t condone ‘streeting’ usually but, the young rebel in me can’t help but smile seeing this. Ah the paradox of becoming old. As I battle my morals give Suislide Drift Practice 2 a watch.

Wade has a couple more videos from his younger days on his wadedrift Vimeo account and I’m told he still does drive today but mostly on the track.

And if you’re not well versed in BMX the editing style mimics Van Homan’s Criminal Mischief part which is, as I mentioned, one of the best BMX sections ever.

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