Theme Tuesdays: Get Blown


With the birth of #turbotuesdays the internet has deemed Tuesday’s to be the day we celebrate to exhaust gas driven forced induction, however on this particular Tuesday I am choosing to buck the trend and show some love for the turbos whiny belt driven cousin.

A little engine porn never hurt anyone, and I’ve never done a supercharged Theme Tuesday before (I have done a turbo one), so now is as good a day as any to begin!

Lets start things off with a bang, or rather four, a quad Supercharged Ford from SEMA 2013

There are a lot of supercharged vehicles of several varieties at SEMA each year, but the Cosworth equipped SpeedHunter’s Sema build FR-S from the 2014, was one of my favorites. I wonder where this car is now with the recent changes to the Scion brand

This blown NSX belongs to Gary Shallum, whom built this car out of a salvaged NSX


Adding to this cars overall presence is the VIS widebody kit
Adam’s s2000, is a screamer and like Dylan it spits hot fire
These snaps are from Drake and the 2014 Importfest coverage
Tucked, shaved, and blown, sounds like the title of an odd adult movie
When you see it….
When I posted this car in Mike's Driven coveage...
Mike McConnell submitted photos of this e46 as part of Driven coverage a few years back
This car isn’t track inspired, it is track driven!
Phil’s Magnuson LS powered s10
Rob from Basic Builds caught up with this truck while @hoowybrow was working on it
Rob from Basic Builds caught up with this truck while @hoowybrow was working on it, you can check it out at
If you saw this on the street would you assume it’s blown, Or that its owner just wanted to sell you Candy?


I’ve still yet to be able to confirm it but apparently this van has some sort of dual transmission set up, hence the name “Outlaw II”
Are you tired of seeing photos of Blair's Latham Supercharger powered Dodge yet? I sure hope not!
Are you tired of seeing photos of Blair’s Latham Supercharger powered Dodge yet? I sure hope not!
What you’re looking at above is Joel Highsmith’s KB 4.2 supercharged 194mph Superbird, video below

The little supercharger on this beetle was good for 57 horsepower and about 100 foot pounds

2013 Detroit Autorama Ridler winner, a ’41 Ford with a supercharged flat head under the hood
Remember the And finally, remember the Cyrious Garage World War Z Project from the Fitted Ontario Place coverage?
It’s now complete
This supercharged LSA makes 826 whp, I think that’s on a conservative tune too. See the completed product on the Cyrious Garageworks blog
While you're there check out the supercharged FX-3 they are working on too...
While you’re there check out the supercharged Infiniti FX35 they are working on too

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