Event Coverage: Eurokracy 2016 Pt. 3

Photography By: Gray Schilling - stillsteezy.com


Eurokracy 2016 was big, too big for one post, too big for two posts, and really even with this third post there are probably a few awesome cars we just couldn’t get to.

But life’s all about focusing on what you have, not what you don’t, and today what we have is another wicked photo set from Stillsteezy.com‘s Gray Schilling.

As alluded to in part two, like any other euro show in 2016, there were a lot of over fenders and flares at Eurokracy 2016. To the love, or hate, I’m not quite sure, of body shops everywhere this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Eurokracy-by-Gray-20But when the end result is as angry looking as @kikaabmw‘s bagged e92 all said and done should this trend die down?


Sitting on AG wheels, and equipped with what I believe are Clinched flares her –yes this is female owned– car combines bags, a high large spoiler, and flares into a great looking, and surprisingly subtle package.


In front of the Nine 1 Forged wheels booth as another flared BMW, this one equipped with a Liberty Walk kit.

Eurokracy-by-Gray-25Nine 1 is boutique wheel company that I must admit I’ve never heard of before. However with so many custom forged wheel manufacturers popping up world-wide it’s become really hard to keep track of all of them.

It’s nice to see an upstart brand like this coming out with unique designs.


Their wheels remind me a bit of Luxury Abstract models, but with a style that is a bit more universal.


European centric, but not European exclusive, is something I said in part two and the FRS above and Subaru lurking in the background, both likely representing for Scale suspension, are representative of that.

Eurokracy-by-Gray-34The non-European vehicles were just as clean as the European ones,  and there’s a good chance many were in fact owned by previous euro car enthusiasts who moved on to a new platform.


@chetflix’s GTR is, incredible. Yes it’s bagged, and I’m sure just typing bagged and GTR on the same line has evoked a purists scream somewhere but damn the car looks good.


I really like that he kept the wheel sizing reasonable so that aired up I’m sure the car can be driven in a manner still becoming of a GTR.


Another car that has its fitment nailed, albeit slightly more aggressive,  than the GTR is the owner of this Wheel Garage RX7.


Like a lot of the other cars in Montreal it too is bagged — remember aggressive fitment is illegal there– and looks great at 0psi.

Eurokracy-by-Gray-31 Eurokracy-by-Gray-part-II-48

Going a little further aggressive still, was this Nissan. Bagged, obviously, the purple paint shimmered under the sun and those GMR wheels (another new multi-piece wheel company) really fill out the fenders front and rear.


The fitment on this car is absolutely impeccable and of course Gray took a moment to capture just how close in proximity the wheel lip sits to the fender when the car is parked.


Nope the car above is not a Frog or some other green reptile, that is a Pit Crew front end equipped Mazda Miata. I’ve actually never seen one of these conversions in person,  but I’ve read quite a bit about them.


I am a bit on the fence about the look myself, but I do like how the owner has remedied the often strange bumper to fender line these conversions have by molding the entire front end into pone piece.

Eurokracy-by-Gray-part-II-34Not to be outdone in their own home when it comes to being unique, the Euro guys can build head scratchers too, like this Audi that looks like an up-sized child’s toy.


And above, is an all wheel steer, all wheel drive, Volkswagen Beetle that does a mean burn out.


But the real oddity of the show was the next phase of the evolution of the Ghetto_mk3.


After years of being hammered static, the car is going to continue to be hammered on static, just with an entirely new chassis underneath. You can see the beginnings of it here if you look closely at the wheel arches and up by the roof and door where you can spot the cage.

Should be an interesting car when it is complete that is for sure.


On the complete polar opposite end of the spectrum is Michael Sabourin’s MkIII Jetta. Shaved bay, supercharged, super clean, and sitting on Epsilion mesh wheels his car always looks great.




Wagon fans fret not there were quite a few at Eurokracy this year and my personal favorite has to be rat4life’s Marlboro themed bagged e39.


Street car livery has been picking up among the Euro and import crowd over the past few years and this has to be one of the best applications I’ve seen.


The wheel choice, and fitment, is so DTM as well which really helps tie the entire aesthetic together.


I’m sure this car is only going to trigger more liverys to hit the street so I’m just going to sit here patiently and wait for the black and gold John Player’s Special colors to roll out.


Moving back to solids, how  about the fitment on this m3? Sitting the quarter between the rim and tire outback this isn’t for the faint of heart.


The same could be said about the fitment on this e36 that is sitting on the almost criminally under used RF-1 wheel.


Picking a single car to end the 2016 Eurokracy coverage is a difficult ask so how about a pair? Above we have the show branded Porsche, driven by one of the event organizers Sergio,  and below we have an absolutely sinister looking competitor entry.


Black, on black, with just hint of polish this Porsche looks perfectly as a send off to this year’s coverage.


Thanks once again to Gray Schilling for giving us a peek at Eurokracy 2016.


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