Event Coverage: Eurokracy 2016 Pt. 2

Photography By: Gray Schilling - StillSteezy.com


In part one of the 2016 Eurokracy coverage we took a look at the infamous burnout contest through the lens of Gray Schilling’s camera. For part two we’ll emerge from the smoke, clean the rubber off that lens, and take a walk through the vast show and shine portion the event.

Eurokracy has grown impressively year after year since it’s inception and now, on the event’s third venue, it has expanded to the point where many regard it as one of the best Euro-centric –but not Euro exclusive– car events anywhere in North America.

A mighty big accolade that the show runners have right to be proud of.Eurokracy-by-Gray-3Eurokracy-by-Gray-4

The European car crowd has always been synonymous with cars that are as low as possible first and foremost,  and the classic Benz sedans above and below represent that to a tee.


Almost daily I see a meme or two on Facebook chastising cars that,  on first glance, appear to have only wheels and a drop. Whether or not those two modifications make up the entirety of the cars changes ultimately doesn’t matter because sometimes that is all you need to make a car stand out visually.

And despite what black stroked white text over a low resolution image might lead you to believe,  not everyone with a low car wants awards or special attention, they just want to hang out with others who, like themselves, happen to like their cars more on the side of impractical than practical.


As you already know a bit of everything gets embraced here, so there’s no sense in prattling on too much about the ever-growing ‘us’ vs ‘them’  divide in an event coverage post.

Eurokracy-by-Gray-28 Eurokracy-by-Gray-15

If this type of show, crowd, or modification style isn’t your thing feel free to bail out here, I promise there will be some drift coverage up next week, and some good ol’ fat tired american muscle the week after that.

Eurokracy-by-Gray-part-II-13 Eurokracy-by-Gray-9

Still here? Good I knew you wouldn’t get too far (or you happened to see this paragraph on your way down to the comment section), and today, instead of looking at some of the late-model cars present at Eurokracy 2016 we are going to take a look at the vehicles at the show built before 1998.


When talking about classic cars at a European show there’s not better place to start than a Beetle, and Villan Fab’s low, wide, raw, Beetle has sure been making its rounds both in Ontario and Quebec.

This car polarizes people anywhere it goes,  but at the end of the day there’s no mistaking it for any other on the road.


The Unix Performance Mk I is a Eurorkacy veteran at this point, and its attention to detail seems to have inspired others as there were a number of other clean Mk I variants at Eurokracy 2016.


Caddy or Golf, you can choose one of each, and since more options are better than few you can choose regular turbo or turbo diesel.


A fan of Sciroccos but you have not seen any in a while? Neither have I but there were at least two wicked ones at Eurokracy and Gray caught glimpses of both.


There was even a Volkswagen Thing, and a chopped down penny racer style cabriolet at Eurokracy this year.


With a lot of flares coming up in part three, I’ve limited their appearance in part two to the set below.


I’m sure none of you mind the inclusion of the boxy flares of a Rally ready Lancia Delta HF Evo, this car looks to be worth the price of admission alone.


But wait there’s more! Maybe its Gray’s eye for the unmodified, or there just happened to be more at this years show, but I can’t recall there being so many pristine classics at any Eurokracy event prior.


I mean look at that E-Type, it could probably do just as well, if not better, at Pebble Beach than it would at Eurokracy.


And this Citroen DS21 is another extremely well-kept piece of metal.


These cars were pretty far ahead of their time technology wise, and despite their age don’t look horribly dated today.

They have a unique look about them sure, but a lot of far worse designs come out of that particular era.


Fittingly they were also on pneumatic suspension from the factory!

With that bit of french tech we are going to end today’s post, but check back later this week for the conclusion of the Eurokracy 2016 coverage provided by Gray Schilling of StillSteezy.com



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