Theme Tuesdays: Autocross Trucks


I was listening to c10 Talk the other day while doing some painting around the house, and in their Lonestar Throwdown episode the topic of using trucks for autocross came up.

Of course after once I was done painting, and with drink in hand, I cruised around looking for trucks on autocross courses which lead to today’s Theme Tuesday.

This C1500 has a pretty cool story, the owner had started it on one truck which then caught fire, but he transfered his work to this second truck and well, kept on truckin.
It’s an LS powered rig now and more about it can be found here and here on
This Advanced design truck might not be built to Autocross, but the owner looks like he’s having a blast giving it a go. Goals for myself perhaps? I need to hit up a Good Guys event anyway… – Source

There’s a Schwartz Performance chassis under this truck that looks like it works very, very well.

It looks as though there seriously wasn’t anything Butch King didn’t try in his Blazer that is sadly no longer with us – source
Here;s another s10 built to corner, a build thread on this truck is here for your convince
I've seen this photo quite a bit, but now I have a build thread on Kill Billet to go with it!
I’ve seen this photo quite a bit, but now I have a build thread on Kill Billet to go with it!
The owner of this truck documented driving his car across the country in the Hot Rod Power Tour, and bending some corners with it here on
I tried to keep this post to mostly trucks in action but I made a few exceptions, this Ranger is a well deserved one I think. Sadly I have yet to be able to track down more information
Of all the trucks I found c10s seem to get autocrossed the most
C10 + Good Guys on Google is a great search combo if you are dying for more –
I usually don’t like roof modifications on trucks, but, seeing this one uses more than makes up for it
No Limit specializes in making trucks do non truck stuff very well.
Chris Smith's C10 is one of my favorite competitive trucks
Chris Smith’s C10 is one of my favorite competitive trucks
700hp 434 inside of a show worth engine bay
It also does a damn fine job of looking like a show truck when it needs to as well. When I saw it at SEMA in 2012 it had a 753 horsepower 454 between the fenders in 2012
This truck is such a well built machine that I spent about 15 minutes looking at it
It was in full Optima Street Car Challenge mode at the time
Speaking of C10s, this and the one following it are simply incredible
If you’re curious this is the truck beside it, another C10 built to manhandle road courses and Autocross tracks
Very glad to have seen Brad Coomer's C10 drive, this truck sounds Amazing
It looks (and sounds) great cruising along
But looks more at home on the course -
But looks more at home on the course –

As you can imagine this Rabbit hole goes quite deep, and if you’re wondering why I didn’t include noteworthy builds like the PCHRods C10R or the local Targa Truck, well, I’ve already thought of a different Theme Tuesday for trucks taken to the next level.

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