Theme Tuesdays: Small Diameter Wheel Appreciation


Wheels have grown, quite steadily, in both diameter and width since this site’s inception. To be honest, it’s pretty hard to deny the appeal of large diameter wheels. Their physical size makes them hard to ignore, and done right there’s no question they look great.

A drift car with 18 x large wheels hucked sideways dragging kit through a corner looks phenomenal. As does a minitruck skating by on 22s.

But small diameter wheels have their place too. When paired with a restrained exterior, smaller diameter wheels help complete a “clean” aesthetic for lack of a better term.

I’ve never done a small diameter wheel Theme Tuesday before, but 2018 seems like the year to start.

Santi went from big wheels and a large kit, to small wheels, and honestly I think it was a good switch up
It doesn’t look like he’s going back anytime soon, now owning two sets of smaller diameter wheels
The Work Equip 40 wheel is a great new, small diameter wheel

Elvis of Stance Nation recently used them to great success here

These wats might be bordering on standard size, but I think with the chunky sidewall I’ll slide them in here, also because 2+2
Ditto can be said for this set, on a work in progress Datsun in the parking lot of Fitted a few years ago
This Fiat looked pretty god on these BBS RS wheels, they were a little too wide, but from a profile view they looked great, these wheels were later switched out for much taller Rockstar wheels
Has anyone seen this car within the past two years or so? – Photo: The Scraped Crusaders
Originally built for a Ferrari I’m not sure where these 15″ Campagnolo wheels ended up
9 times out of ten the ae86 looks best on 15s or smaller
Case in point
This post is incomplete without some Miata love

Hard to do wrong with classic Japanese tin and small wheels

But let us not forget how awesome these Dodge vans look on tiny wats!

At 13×12 these wheels are almost as wide as they are tall!

These wheels were actually legitimately golf kart wheels
These mini wheels, while still small in diameter, are actual car wheels
@prkbkr is perhaps the small wheel content king on Instagram


Don’t worry truck guys, I didn’t forget you guys with this one! Big wheels are totally in style now, but don’t forget the little guys.

The small billets on the Mazda on the left has always been fitting
It suits the look of the truck overall very well
I’ve never seen this hardbody again, but it was oh so right at Imporfest in 2012
Wires on a clean s truck is another great retro look
A bit more modern, the Black Anvil Garage truck combines several stylistic elements to make a killer looking truck


  1. Thanks for this post. I really like the smaller wheels/more sidewall look myself.

    Original Mini’s came with something like a 10×4 wheel so even though a 13″ wheel is small, it still looks massive on them.

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