One Low Fargo


A few weeks back I took the family out to the Tottenham Classic Car & Truck show. Held at the Tottenham conservation area, which is a wicked venue with a great beach, event coverage quickly slipped to the bottom of my priority list as the day went on.

However before I did put the camera down for good I took a few photos that will make their way onto the site as small photo features with the first being this Dodge Fargo.


A ’56, if I’m not mistaken this truck was a favourite among the crow usually surrounded by a circle of curious on lookers. It took a few trips back but I was able to get a brief window where I could look at the truck and snap a few photos that were mostly free of people.

tottenham-classic-carshow-dodge-fargo-3The hood emblem was pretty unique and the engine bay had been given a bit of polish but nothing too crazy that it wasn’t befitting of the exterior

tottenham-classic-carshow-dodge-fargo-5Inside the engine bay was also an engine driven compressor for the air ride, EDC’s are quite a bit more efficient but not nearly as commonly used as their electric counterparts.


The truck was on the ground naturally and tucked a lot of wheel all around.


In the bed of the truck sat a Cadillac push car modeled after the owner’s other vehicle at the show. I’ve got a few more pictures of that to get to at a later date.

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