Theme Tuesdays: Slammed Trucks Haulin’ Stuff: 3


It’s been about two years since the last “Slammed trucks haulin’ stuff” Theme Tuesday and that’s just too long. Call me crazy but I will forever find slammed trucks being put to work cool.

It’s a unique union of style and function and a bit of a middle finger to those still who think slammed trucks still can’t be put to task.

Work trucks are kind of popular now among the truck scene – Photo: Joshua Xipa Krause
Bagged, bodied, and a ladder rack – Photo: Chris Vogt
Draggin’ bumper, haulin’ wood – Photo: Billy Murdock
Slammed trucks are capable of hauling agriculture equipment too – Photo: Cody Fry
No matter what your truck is like, when it’s moving day someone is going to call you – Photo: Roger Griffith
A second gen slammed on Irocs will forever be a classic – Photo: Anthony Mendez
Photo: Anthony Mendez
Haulin’ on big wheels
Dannon Kornegay uses his bagged Ford to support his motorcycle business – Photo: Dannon Kornegay
Out on delivery – Photo: Dannon Kornegay
A big dually laying rocker is something I have to cruise in one day
Towing a project would be even better
I have to go to a show like LST one day and see these kind of set ups rolling in with my own two eyes
Another serious hauler ready to head out – Photo: Jason Lage
I don’t think Jason Thorbecke has ever actually pulled a semi trailer with his International but he’s posed with a few
I’m almost more stoked on the Rodeo, you hardly ever see those anymore – Photo: Chris Echel
Doucette Racing built this really awesome truck for their race team, it’s all aluminium modeled after a Maple Leaf truck – Photo: Cajun_Nitro
It’s a pretty wicked looking hauler – Photo: Cajun_Nitro

Seth Rosenthal, the owner of this truck beat cancer and plans to have this truck redone for SEMA 2018
The truck is going to transform into this and you can read more about his mission and story here


  1. That blue hard body is mine lol it’s now wrapped red with the company logo of the building its parked in front of lol Nevada House Of Hose

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