Event Coverage: The 2018 Jalopy Jam Up


Since its inception the Jalopy Jam Up has been unique. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the only traditional hot rod and custom show in Canada.

Prior to 2018 the show took place at a fairly unique venue, a re-purposed dude ranch on the outskirts of Ontario. That venue while extremely different and very photogenic, wasn’t without its flaws.

The most significant of those flaws was perhaps distance. It was a haul to get to the ghost town it was always worth it for those who went the distance, but, everyone knew it was far.

It’s said, if there’s one thing that’s constant in life it’s change and after four successful years it was time for the Jam Up to change.

The new home for the Jalopy Jam up is now the Rockton fairgrounds. A venue with fair history itself and lots of space for the show to grow.

Unfortunately with the venue change the Jam Up lost its original date, moving to the same day as another favorite show of mine, Northern Showdown. I mention this, not to cause controversy or anything like that, but to mention that these photos are actually from Friday, the quieter of the two-day event.

When two shows I support are on the same weekend, I do my best to make both.

For the smaller of the two days the turnout was still extremely impressive and kept me more than busy the few hours I was there.

It was a mix of old friends and old cars, and new friends, with new cars. Throw in a vintage bike show, mini-bikes, and the smell of BBQ and you’ve got a great afternoon. My only regret is I’ve yet to stay and enjoy the Jam Up night life.

I don’t know the exact numbers, but I am pretty sure this year’s Jalopy Jam up was largest yet, which considering a venue switch and a slightly worrisome weather forecast is a great thing.

As always there was quite the variety of vehicles strewn about the event. Traditional builds took precedence, but if it’s cool, and if it’s classic it’s generally welcome somewhere in the grounds.

Making the most of my time I was sure to do a few laps of the venue looking for anything cool.

There were plenty of cars I liked, in fact I really don’t think I saw a car I didn’t like but I really enjoyed the two cars above.

They were both fairly simple, cleaned up, but not restored, a bit of pinstriping on the Buick and a lot of low on each.

Classic metal stuffed in the weeds works well doesn’t it? And with each having more than enough room for a full family they’re ideal summer cruisers.

When it comes to favorites, this green/teal/ Ford was another one of my mine. Fords with fenders usually don’t do it for me but there was something about this one.

The wheels, the color, the stance, it all just came together and I couldn’t help but stare at it.

It wasn’t extremely elaborate, but it was clear a large amount of attention was paid putting it together. The treatment was also so timeless that it was impossible (at least for me) to tell when it was built.

Keith, the man at the helm of Binbrook Speed And Custom not only had a booth this year, but he was also chopping a top live in one of the venues pavilions.

Unfortunately for me the bulk of that work happened on Saturday, so I’ll have to catch him do it again next year. From what I hear it was a hit.

As my time to be at the Jam Up wound down I did a few extra laps in order to get photos of the variety at the show before the sun slipped behind the horizon for the night.

Though this year just finished I am eagerly looking toward next year and the year’s to follow.

Congrats to Jeff, Brandon, and Jay for another great year and here’s to many more. One day I’ll have something cool to bring, I swear.

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