Theme Tuesdays: Classic Minis – Pt. 2


If you’ve been reading this site since damn near the beginning then you know the last Classic Mini Theme Tuesday was done all the way back in 2012. Six years is far to long for me to revisit such an iconic car.

No disrespect to BMW, and the models they are currently producing under the Mini marquee, but I’ll take an old model over a new one any day of the week.

So with that said, here’s classic Minis part two.

Classic striped and British racing green, its hard to find a more iconic mini look to kick things off with.. however there’s one thing missing
Of course the “missing” thing, depending on your taste preference, are the quintessential fog lights


Super clean example from an Engineered Automotive’s Cars & Coffee
I’ve never seen this particular combination again, I wonder if it is still around and for that matter, who built the pint-sized trailer?
Despite their small stature people have managed to stuff all manner of motor inside a classic Mini engine compartment
One of the most common swaps is of course the 4 cylinder Honda B series motor
This little mini built by Jeff and shot by Chris Johnston was the subject of a 2012 feature
This little B series Honda gives away its secret on the quarter panel
I think there was a B under the hood of this track prepared Mini if my memory rings true…
The sign basically says all you need to know about this particular mini, it’s a K swapped all wheel drive beast
Sadly I’ve never seen this car again it was super clean however
Stepping away from the Honda motors, this is a car that I’ve spotted all over Ontario
A small block Chevy 350 motor sits in the rear
The car has recently started to appear on instagram more often, and recently saw a turbo fitted.
This monster Mini has a Porsche 944 motor under hood, if there was a hood of course
It was the subject of a WTF Friday years back

How about a Hayabusa powered Mini?

Not sure where I picked up this photo, as it’s been on my computer so long, but it’s an absolutely killer looking little car, I love the side exhaust too
This Mini is a “Mini” in name and body but not chassis. It’s an MX-5 underneath and you can find the build thread over on of course – Photo: Slam: Media

A blend of mini styling and hot rod attitude? I can dig it
Going to close things out with the Critter, a 1/4 mile mini that looks to have a serious V8 under hood via –


  1. If you haven’t already, check out Bad Obsesssion Motorsports on YouTube. Their”Project Binky” is going to be awesome, whenever it gets finished.

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