Theme Tuesdays: Readers Rides Revisted


For the last two years I’ve done a sub par job keeping up with the reader’s rides posts here on the site. Most submissions end up either on Facebook and Instagram but very few carry over to the site itself.

Today, to make amends, I’m dedicating this week’s Theme Tuesday to some of the more recent submissions, along with those that have been sitting starred in my inbox for sometime.

Hopefully I can start doing reader’s rides Theme Tuesdays on a quarterly (or so) basis so feel free to send submissions to [email protected] as you all know I enjoy a bit of everything so don’t be shy!

Start things off with a video submitted by South Africa’s Imaad Griffiths featuring a bagged MK7 GTI tucking 20s.

Zeekay Liew hails from Malaysia and drives this awesome STI
This is actually Bryan’s Munoz of California’s second e36ti, the first was actually featured here
Eric Theirgood’s clean Skyline
Joes Leon’s bagged Infiniti tucks significant wheel all round
Ian Timothy Bejerano repping the Philippines with this Innova
Luis Arevalo has sent in a few photos of his Subaru, I was a fan of this one
Maurizio Spechel had a lot of e36s to share, but this was my favourite of the bunch
He also has this really awesome LS powered Camaro
The second LS powered Camaro of today’s post comes from Eastern Canada and belongs to Jon Mack


Thanks for reppin’ on the back window Jon!
Last but not least we’ve got Chris Piscitelli’s OMNI GLH which I’ve been looking for a reason to post for a while
This car is incredibly, clean throughout and the build thread is worth a read if you’ve never seen it
I love this car in that you can really see where it took some styling cues from MKI Rabbits, but at the same time it is fairly unique



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