WTF Friday: Chevilac


If the C10 from two weeks ago was a little too rough around the edges for you perhaps you might find this weeks more refined version a little less jarring.

Starting with what looks to be a 1970 73 (thank Ben) this truck has undergone quite a bit of nipping and tucking to become the “Chevilac”.


The roof has been chopped, extremely well when compared to scrapratlous truck, and the bed has been modified significantly to better emulate the tail end of a Cadillac.

Fins have been grafted to the bed sides and a cluster of Cadillac lights fill in where the tail gate would have been.


The exhaust exits look like they also came from a Cadillac but I’m not enough of a Caddy buff to know what model.


Up front it looks like later model Chevy (possibly flipped) Ford Super Duty headlights (thanks Mike and Jeff) have replaced the original sealed beams, the grill has been replaced with a custom unit and a Cadillac bumper complete with bumperettes finishes off the front end.


Finally the whole thing sits at what looks like roughly a 4/5″ drop, Weld wheels and has been painted an interesting shade of green. The hood and tire selection also suggest something potent might be lurking within.

Not my taste, but certainly creative and well done.


  1. Not my style, but it is one of the BEST looking beautifully ugly vehicles I’ve seen. In my own humble opinion though is if he wanted more of a Caddy look up front maybe a curved hood of some sorts would of worked better. That flattop it is rocking is the only place I see that does not flow well.

  2. Pretty wild and skillfully done. I wish he had of body dropped it though to clean up the rocker area. And the headlights really kill it for me, but everything else is pretty neat and different

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