WTF Friday: Triple Changer


I saw this work in progress on Facebook last week and genuinely laughed out loud upon viewing.

Front and rear end swaps I’m no stranger to, and I’ve seen some pretty interesting takes but something about this one is just caught me so off guard I had to laugh.


We’ll start at the rear where you can see the C5 rear end grafted on the back of a fifth generation El Camino. Corvette tails and roll pans have been installed on damn near everything so that’s not totally outside of the box, and I wouldn’t doubt that it might be an off the shelf s10 conversion kit modified to fit the Elco.


From the side the original Elco bed mates up with the ‘Vette bodywork pretty well, and you can see that the body likes carry through nice and consistent. There also looks to be after market side skirts I can’t quite place and some large full face wheels.


If the rear were more par for the course conversion wise the front is the real shocker; a Dodge Charger front end which when combimed with the Corvette rear end is a real head-scratcher that you can’t help but smirk at.

Proportion wise I’ll admit it actually isn’t all that bad, slightly heavy-looking but far from the worst I have seen, and –as with all things– I am curious what it would look like on the  ground.

What do you think, any potential here or a complete lost cause?


  1. Well if you take it in sections, whether it be the front, back, or side, it IS nicely done. It is just when you try to take it in all at once it becomes sensory overload

  2. Its refreshing to see someone do some out of the norm customizing. I like the front, the back looks really dated…the new Durango lights would look rad on there. The body work (from the pics) looks like they knew what they were doing

  3. I like the front, hate when they screw up a tailgate.

    I would try to have a useable tailgate with sequential Mustang tail lights but that’s just my opinion.

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