WTF Friday: Nok, Nok. Who’s There?


Next do the Swift Car Club Nokturnal has some of the weirdest vehicular creations to ever dominate the points based car show scene.

I’ve yet to come across any car with a Nokturunal banner that has been ‘par for the course’ so to speak, and one modification ‘Nok seems particularly fond of is putting Rolls Royce front ends on everything.

The first example of this was a RR clipped Monte Carlo spotted in 2012 at CSCS event in 2012, then again later at Importfest that same year.

In an effort out do themselves they recently did a similar front end swap to a Scion XB creating what they are calling the ‘Nok XB’.


This conversion flows perhaps slightly better looking than the Monte Carlo above, and if nothing else seems to be executed better as this time around the fenders and bumper are separate units.



The interior follows suit with the colour scheme, save for the steering wheel, buy I can’t help but wonder how uncomfortable those seats probably are.



All in all points for effort, as the work appears to be of decent quality, but aesthetically it’s a swing and a miss for me. You?


  1. So very ugly. It’s very rare that a RR front end conversion looks good.
    It’s crazy that someone can have the fabrication skills to pull it off, but not the brainpower to just say no

  2. That’s why they win best car club every year and absolutely are owning the car game and it’s cars like this that make dub show lowrider mag show street low car shows better than any import car show out there period. At least they have know what it takes to be the best and do what others are scared to do!

  3. It doesn’t sound like the author knows anything about custom cars? NOKTURNAL Car Club doesn’t build these award winning cars and trucks to impress you!!…They build them to Dominated every show they come too!! They are undeafeated at every show in Cali for the last 5 years!! They run the custom car game from Cali to New York leaving nothing but “Best of Show” “Lowrider of the Year” and “Best Club” awards in their wake! I’ve been following NOKTURNAL for sometime and what people don’t realize is that it takes alot of time, money, and dedication to build these cars! Most people cant afford a Candy Paint Job, But Members of NOKTURNAL Candy Paint EVERYTHING!! From the engine bay to the rims and their cars and truck! Again!! They dont build the cars to impress you!! They build it to Dominate the Streets of California…Trophy’s Don’t Lie!!!!!

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