C10s are super popular right now. Actually, they are arguably the most popular ‘classic’ GM truck to modify in 2019. I mean I’m sure some could argue the OBS (old body style) trucks are gunning for the throne, but roll with me

Last year at the Jalopy Jam Up I saw a particularly good looking one.

Side exit exhaust, GM Transport wheels, laying in the grass it wasn’t a truck I could exactly ignore. The owner actually has a history of cars I like as this Marauder from a few years ago was also his handy work.

Unfortunately the Marauder ended up on the losing end of an accident and the C10 is its replacement.

This year Jay (the owner) has tossed a bike rack in the back along with a pair of cult BMX bikes for him and his son.

If I didn’t love the truck before I certainly do now. Clean, low and practical? What is not to love.

Nothing that’s what.

Motivation to get my truck into an operable vehicle seems to never quit… soon I say, soon!

(Well if soon is measured in years, then yeah soon)


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