Toyota 2JZ Swapped Chevy Belair


The Chevy Belair is undeniably a fixture of the hot rod community. Calling it iconic almost understates its significance.

Modified every which way, traditionally between the strut towers of this car an American motor can be found. Not always a Chevrolet motor, but typically.

But we’re in 2020 and quite literally anything is possible and tradition means nothing.

NV Auto, and owner Ricky Ivy built a very unique Belair out of a 1953 four door by giving it the heart of a Toyota Supra.

Obviously with the swap 2JZ GTE swap the factory 3.5L inline six is gone, but so too is the three speed transmission. Replaced with a Toyota six speed Automatic. Backing up the six speed is a Chevrolet 12 both rear end from a 73 Camaro.

Detroit steel wheels have been fitted, surprisingly over a mostly stock braking system. Though I feel like that is going to change sooner rather than later.

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