Event Coverage: Performance World Part 1 – Muscle & Rods


This weekend I got a chance to check out the Performance World show here in Toronto, according to advertising this is the largest car show in Canada.

While I am not sure if that is true I will say that I was fairly impressed at the diversity of the cars  in attendance. I took a lot of photos and as usual I am going to pay respect to the OG’s and have the muscle cars and hot rods go first.

Random Stuff

Even in the classic/rod/muscle section of the show there were a few interesting side attractions worth stopping to take a picture of.

Got a lot of spare parts kicking around? Build a cool booth display model
Car show models are nothing but objects...
These paintings were rad, wish I had this level of skill at anything
Being able to pinstripe would not be bad either

New Age Muscle

These new era of the muscle car has arrived and is thriving, thankfully it looks nothing like the Plymouth Prowler or PT Cruiser

One off Pontiac Trans Slam epic
Note to manufacturers, this is how plastic covers are done, showcase the motor not hide it
I was able to get a better snap of that Camaro from the Toronto International Auto show
Looks like wide body kits are readily available for the new Camaro
The satin finish on this Camaro was unbelievable
The exhaust was a nice touch, and the dish, dish is great everywhere

Rare breeds

Cars that are rare around these parts and a few I have never come across before.

This Mercury was the first car we saw upon entering, great start to the show
Seeing as how our beaches suck these are rare around here
Dubbed Cotton Candy, this Fargo(!?) is very sweet
This started as a delivery truck and then was significantly shortened to create this custom
It takes a special kind of crazy to turn a big truck into a rat rod
This shop has a way with trucks, nice door stencil too
Not sure what this sled started as but it ended beautiful
Flawless body work throughout
I have never seen a half assed Willys rod in my life
Check out the dish on those rear wheels, may not be flush but it's fitment at it's finest
Look at how clean the trunk interior is, then look at the tires that had to fit in there and look again


For whatever reason my dad utterly despises Chrysler’s despite never owning one, pretty sure he wouldn’t turn down any of these though.

Some of the coolest airbrushing I have ever seen was on this car
The whole package is not bad either
While not classics yet Vipers were one of the original new era muscle cars
This car was pretty show prepped
Nice touch here
Notice any similarity between this stripe and the brusing above?
If you do not like the car the motor came in put it in something you do


If I had to chose Chevy or Ford, I would be a Chevy man. Thankfully I don’t have to choose.

A lot of people are mad these killed the s10 but I think they look great
And with a vette motor what's not to love
You know those cars you like but no one else does? 1980 z28s are that car for me
Gasser style Chevy II
Can you believe that this Chevy II runs 8 seconds in the 1/4 mile while looking this nice?
The Patina on this Impala works really well
This car had a nice drive in theme in it's display

Fast Fords

Well loved blue ovals

According to the card this is the only power hard top 67 in existence, might as well make it stand out I suppose
The owner of this car gave me a pretty cool post card
480hp, it says so right there
This truck was getting pin stripped on the spot
I'll always be a sucker for a high boy
Awesome plate frame
This rod has reached the level of automotive art
As there is no way you can drive with a brake setup like this
This Troy Trepanier built olive drab highboy was a real treat on the eyes, subtle and clean
As was this 32 pick up he also brought out
Both of the built by Troy Fords that were on display together

For part two of S.I.E’s coverage of Performance World 2010 click through to Part Two – Imports


  1. I really like the red COE Ford, don’t see to many these days. And that light blue kustom…the front anyway, reminds me of a 56 ford….although I might be wrong, that or a 56 Plymouth Savoy….

  2. yes, “Cotton Candy” is a 41 to 47 Plymouth Fargo, the grill doesn’t have that big dodge cross bar of that era and the cab lights tell that its 41-47, got one here that I need some more tin’s for…

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