Theme Tuesdays: I Like Mine With No Shine – part 2


I have been wanting to revisit this theme since the first time I did it in August of 2010.

That post was made up of mostly black cars and with a couple cars switched out it could have easily passed for a ‘murdered out’ Theme Tuesday.

This go round I took a little more time picking out the cars to include and pulled together a wider variety of cars including modern, euro, and the cars mysteriously missing from the last post, classics.

Basically every form of flat other than natural patina (another future post) is here.


This car got infinitely more bad ass once it got wrapped
I guess not really all that modern but not quite a classic yet
Flat orange is pretty damn nice
Jon Sibal's Challenger is honestly one of my favorite cars right now
The real flames under that wrap are sick but this is 1000x better
All business
Basit's Ifest 6
I'm still a little RWB overload but here is one you might not have seen 10000 times


This car reminds me of Grimace, not a bad thing
One the fence about the headlight covers but I like everything else
Initially I wasn't a huge fan of this car but after reading the build I changed my mind
One of maybe five Things posted here.. this one is painted in Hot Rod Flatz
Minty fresh
e30 m3 can never lose
USAF scheme (or at least I think it is USAF)


Thinking I should do a post about the style of paintwork seen on the roof of this car...
That is one clean garage
Maybe I should have called this I like mine with a little shine...
This Merc is another reason why you should check out the H.A.M.B forums
Lead sleds, so killer
This trucks got everything done right, might have to look for more of it
This is an AMAZING flat paint job


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