SEMA Showstopper: unfuckwithable


The last time RWB was mentioned here was almost exactly a year ago in a post titled “RW Who?” that showcased this  DP Motorsport built  73 911.

Then Rauh Welt Begriff had brought two extremely popular builds to SEMA –the now  black Pandora One 965, and the 965 Hoonigan— and everyone who was anyone was photographing, posting, tweeting, and just generally carrying on about those cars several times a day.

It was a bit much to say the least.

This year, being a year old, the lone RWB/egarage Porsche at SEMA received very little attention and fanfare which gave me a chance to enjoy it in peace.

After seeing photos of these cars online for so long it was nice to appreciate one in person
The fit and finish is way better than I would have expected from a manufacturer with “Rough” in their name
Closer look at the fit and finish
Certainly using all of that wide body to it’s potential
Wish the trailer wasn’t in the way so I could have got a better ‘dat ass’ shot

Unfuckwithable indeed.

Wonder when one of these will pop up in Canada?

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