Event Coverage: Sema 2012 – Part 6.


I’ve finally reached the point where more SEMA photos are behind me than ahead of me which means this is the last 40+ image post for SEMA 2012.

I know for some the coverage seems a little excessive and drawn out but I view the opportunity to attend SEMA as a privilege that could potentially be revoked at any time so I don’t want to ever have the feeling I could have done better once it’s all said and done.

Today’s coverage is going to be a mix of the central and new product halls along with a quick peek outside and some manufacturers areas thrown in for good  measure.

This car dubbed the “Super Beetle”  is basically a Golf R in ‘new, new’ Beetle skin
The project is documented here on vwvortex and like the Mach 40 it will also be in the next Gran Tourismo
High End Performance Carbon Fiber Veliside RX-7 on SSRs in the New Product Hall
A much tamer (visually) RX-7 between halls
Magnaflows muffler Revolver demo truck, pretty slick marketing idea
To answer the question that was burning in all of your brains when I posted it on Monday no this limo doesn’t have gigantic side pipes 🙁
GTR on Advans, simple look but timeless
VIP inspired GS
One of several Factory Five builds, this is the GT5 supercar which is mostly a Corvette C5 in addition to the Factory 5 kit
Mechatronik, which was founded by former AMG engineer Frank Rickert, brought out two vintage MBs with new AMG hearts
As Part of their ‘new-tech’ restoration program this 280SE has a 555-hp AMG v8 in place of it’s original motor and plans are to sell things like this state side
Hennesy Venom GT, absolute monster of a car
Twin turbo 427

Remember TNN?

Who of you reading this remember The Nashville Network? As a wee one I loved that station between 8-10 Saturday mornings and about 8-9 Saturday night which aired what is now the Powerblock and Monster Jam respectively.

The vehicles below appearing in this post are directly influenced by TNN.

I’d love to see this in a Tough Truck competition to see if it can actually handle a few bumps, past examples say it might not
I’ve got no doubts this could hold it’s own though
Rock Hard Ram tractor pull truck
2500hp Cummins motor…
Remember the days when monster trucks were slow as heck and didn’t have FG bodies? Come a long way


There was literally only one car that caught my eye in the entire Mazda area this year and that’s the 787 which is the predecessor to the legendary 787B.

Beautiful piece of machinary
Good on Mazda for bringing this out because otherwise I would have walked right past their area


Similar to Mazda the only thing Honda brought out that I didn’t see at the Canadian International Autoshow was their 2012 American Lemans LMP1 Champion car the HPD (Honda Performance Development) ARX-03a.

Driven hard and put away wet this car one six races in the 2012 season


Kia did something a little different for SEMA 2012 and teamed up with DC comics and West Coast Customs to produce a group of Justice League themed cars based on their current production models. If you are not a comic book fan you might want to just skip over this section to the next one but if you are they are worth a look.

All of these cars will be auctioned off for the We Can Be Hereos charity  as well.

Of the concepts this was probably my least favourite which makes sense because it’s also my least favourire Justice League character
Cyborg Cerato surprisingly sitting on Rotiforms
The Flash Cerato Koup which despite the Flash theme is stock under hood
As some of you may know we have a Soul in the house so seeing this was… interesting. It works here but for an actual non comic book concept car….
Only makes sense that the best character of the entire DC franchise (in my opinion) got the best looking concept of the five
I could almost see someone driving this


Outside of the Mustang I’m not really a huge Ford guy but this year at SEMA Ford really surprised me with the cars they brought out that I wouldn’t normally give a second glance.

Tijin Edition Ford Fusion
Bagged AWD Fusion built by MRT Performance
Boosted and Juiced Ford Focus ST Sedan
Built by VACCAR in Youngstown
Love The Mustang RTR which looks great on HRE classics. If I were to change one thing it would be the dull textured grey to carbon or black


Hyundai has been steadily building their credibility in recent years and this year they brought out a slew of nice Velosters along with their 2013 Genesis.

When Lyndsey’s Kia got monster trucked we heavily considered the Veloster as a replacement, had she seen this prior I think we would have one in the garage
Bisimoto’s second build of the show was this 600hp Elantra GT
Impressive numbers from a tiny 1.8
Hyundai of course was showing off modified versions of their latest Genesis design
According to a security guard this one was so high up to protect the paint

Love Fab NSX

Going to end the coverage with what is probably the most insane NSX to ever be built. Or perhaps the most insane car to be built out of an NSX, I’m not entirely sure which to classify it as considering just how heavily this is modified.

Either way it’s insane, with no mind paid to aesthetics and everything devoted to function.

Love the stick on NSX lights
Evidently this car has so much down force that the suspension had to be redesigned to cope with it
You can see the center shock absorber that is used to up the spring rate when necessary.
Like most of the rest of the car there is no visual cues that this is an NSX on the inside

If you are interested in more on the NSX check out the Form Follows Function feature on Speed Hunters it outlines the more insane details about this build.

Stay locked for a couple more showstoppers as well as some roll out photos to round out the SEMA 2012 coverage here on Stance Is Everything.



  1. Looks like the Suzuki Escudo pikes peak truck. I’m liking the look of the Fusion, the new Lincoln MKZ looks nice too.

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