WTF Friday: No Hamsters Were Harmed In The Making Of This Post


Remember two years or so ago when an x5 owner from Thorn Hill went 4x4ing all over two innocent cars at the gym? Hilarious right?

Well that scenario is slightly less hilarious when one of the cars used in the makeshift monster truck rally happens to belong to your better half.

When Lyndsey called and told me that her car was run over by a Chrysler Sebring while she was at the gym my initial response was “Come again?”

And even now days after it happened –and having heard the story several times over– I still can’t quite wrap my head around how a Chrysler managed to climb all the way up  a Kia Soul and back down again and still be drivable enough for the owner to attempt a getaway.

Looking at this photo you, like myself, probably assumed Lyndsey parked somewhere off screen left
But actually she was parked where the arrow is, meaning she was both pushed and  spun around by the Sebring
What you’re looking at here is $18000+ worth of damage
The car was justifiably deemed a total loss
The Sebring however lives to Rampage another day

Thanks to people who saw the accident the owner of the Sebring didn’t get very far in his attempts to escape and once the Police arrived he offered up a simple explanation: “I thought I just bumped a wall”.

On the plus side we are shopping for a new Stance Is Everything support vehicle this weekend, but don’t be surprised if Lyndsey picks out another Soul.

Site Updates

The CSCS Season Finale and the Stretch & Poke Season Finale take place this Sunday at Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga. The weather is getting pretty cool pretty quick so this may just be the last big outdoor event of the season.

Flashback Friday

Here’s a look back some of my favourite shots/vehicles from the CSCS Season so far.

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  1. At least she wasn’t in the KIA when it happened! And “bumped a wall”, did they test the driver of the Sebring?

    Any more pics of the green S10?

  2. Man, shit luck fr sure. Whenever a car has structural damage like to the front edge of the roof, it’s better for it to be written off. A rebuilt car with a history like that always ends up with all kinds of weird problems.

    You guys should look at a Scion xB. You’re all buddy-buddy with them after your loaner experience, right? 🙂 My girlfriend has a 2012 xB and she loves it. I actually quite like it myself.

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