WTF Friday: I think I brained my damage


Here’s a bit of a head twister; somewhere in America a clever hotrodder decided that the way traditional small block Chevys work was too boring so he flipped everything on it’s head putting the exhaust where the intake was and the intake where the exhaust was.

This creates a completley unique looking motor that on first glance leaves you wondering how in the hell it all works.

Really it was done a simply as possible. First a new cam was made that switched switched the intake and exhaust lobes the opposite way, followed by modified flat-head V8 distributor and small block Chevy timing cover. Finally some Honda 750 carbs were converted to use E85 some compression tweaks and well.. bob’s your uncle.

As it sits in these pictures below there it has an remote water pump, and remote radiator, and is gravity fed fuel. It’s also got no charging system.

Why? Well on the HAMB the owner gives us this answer:

We aren’t too proud to admit we did it just to blow peoples minds….My favourite is looking at the distorted faces on the hard core guys that see it the first time. Its like looking at someone in pain.

Spotted here on cleverlever.

It’s a bit old now so I don’t know if a charging system was added or if the car became anything more than a ‘wow would you look at that’ build.

Site Updates

Started to get cold and boring around these parts but I’ve already began to look for new ways to bring some original coverage to the site so hopefully it all works out.

I am also working on getting content organized from contributor Ollie to bring back Oliver’s Travels for the winter.

Flashback Friday

The Love Fab NSX yesterday reminded me of another NSX I posted doing something not so NSX like.

Wonder if the owner is still sliding this….

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