RW Who?


Before I get ripped to pieces by all of the internet over the title let me just say one thing: I like Rauh Welt Begriff cars.

It is just lately I’ve been bombard at all angles by the same three cars that I needed a little break from them before I end up a drooling twitching mess on the floor chanting RWB for life.

That’s where this ’73 911 comes in, its glossy bright white finish is about as far from RWB as you can get.

Starting as factory original this car was expertly resto modded into he beauty you see today by DP Motorsport with a focus on function and light weight but an obvious eye for form as well.

Highlights of the build included an all CF widebody, tuned 3.6L boxer motor, and an beautiful interior that is a blend of Alcantara and CF.

Compared to it's original weight this 911 is now a glider at 1,918lbs
Zero corners cut what so ever putting this car together, even the ac cover is CF
Perfect stance for the way this Porsche is modified
The 3.6-litre motor has 50-mm PMO carbs and makes 310hp
Form meets function with this interior
That CF dash looks stunning
Fuchs 15x9/13 wheels with 225/50R15 and 345/35R15 tires make up the shoe sizes
Hats off to DP Motorsports and the photographer damn

Nakai-san and RWB are awesome but lets not forget about the other Porsche tuners out there.

Thanks to Supermade for bringing this beautiful beast to my attention, more info on this car can be found here at the DP Motorsport site.

Photo Credit: German Car Scene


  1. i wish all cars wer put together like this
    there is actualy a file in the happines part of my brain marked 911rs

  2. DP Motorsport have been doing up Porsches for so long that i forgot they stil existed. thanks for the reminder. great build.

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