Beast Mode: Trevor’s 2007 Mazdaspeed 3

Additional Photography By: Drake Nolte


Recently a number of builds have emerged from the rapidly growing Mazda 3 aggressive fitment community that are pushing the chassis ride height and wheel fitment boundaries to new levels.

As these cars get lower, and lower, and wheels wider, and wider, several individuals have begun to explore the possibilities that exist beyond the limitations of the stock 3 body.

Already running a fairly aggressive set up the , Trevor used an ailing motor as an excuse to give his Mazdaspeed 3 a top to bottom rebuild for the 2014 season.




After some careful planning Kieron ‘KJohn’ Ramjohn of KJohn Car Innovations got to work removing any factory metal that would prevent the 18×10 Koning SSM wheels from properly fitting underneath Trevor’s Mazda.

While bolt on flares are the current ‘go to’ option for going wide, Trevor and KJohn bucked the trend and went the more challenging route of molding the new flares to the body.





Though historically this option runs the risk of cracking filler and paint at the slightest breeze, these flares have been properly, and permanently, affixed to the car. Even when yanked on forcefully to prove a point these flares don’t so much as budge.

The end result of the extensive body work –combined with a healthy drop provided by Standard Suspension coilovers– is a rear end silhouette that would make the likes of Coco jealous.




With the rear of the car set significantly wider than stock something had to be done up front, so prior to spraying that unique custom grey paint on the exterior KJohn widened the front fenders in a subtle blister style.

This detail, that many may overlook while studying the rear quarters, gives the car a nasty snarl when combined with the Garage Vary front lip and matching eyelids.






While the car was under going it’s exterior transformation at the hands of KJohn, Trevor was busy rebuilding the bum motor that kick started this entire rebuild.

The turbo 2.3 DISI MZR I4 mill now boasts a lengthy list of modifications including; a ported and polished intake manifold, SURE Motorsports TIG™ thermal intake and throttle body spacers, SURE Injector seals, SURE balance shaft delete, SURE 3″ Inlet and Intake, ARP studs, and a CXRacing front mount inter cooler.

Suited, booted, and tuned by Advance Power House, Trevor’s car is now running better than it ever has before.




On the inside Trevor continued the red/black/grey color scheme blueprinted by both the new exterior color and stock Mazdaspeed 3 seats, by having his center console sprayed the same candy apple found on his wheels.

Further tying the seats, console, and wheels together are custom wrapped factory door cards.





Should Trevor not want to listen to his Turbosmart blow off valve, or Victory Build custom Exhaust, a quick turn of the volume knob on his Sony deck sends sounds pumping through the complete Skar Audio in car entertainment system consisting of Skar Audio 6.5″ components, VVXV2 Subwoofers, and duo of SK800.1 and 80.4 amplifiers.



There’s a saying that goes “when life gives you lemons paint that shit gold” and while Trevor didn’t paint his car gold after his motor gave up the ghost he certainly did make the best of a bad situation by turning his car into an absolutely unique show stopper.






For more photos of this car be sure to check out the sister feature on


  • Garage Vary Front Lip
  • Garage Vary Eyelids
  • Hydro- Dipped Headlights
  • Custom Paint Color
  • Custom Wide body
  • Rear Wiper Delete
  • Custom Eyelids on Rear Taillights
  • Red Tinted Taillights
  • Custom Victory Built Exhaust and Tip
  • Password JDM Fender Washers
  • Rear Bumper Reflector Delete
  • Custom Wing Extension


  • Konig SSM Rims 18×10 et 15 Painted Candy Apple Red
  • 25mm Spacers in Rear
  • Standard Suspension (STD) R3 Fully Adjustable Coilovers
  • Standard Suspension (STD) Camber plates
  • Vibrant Strut Bar
  • Whiteline Front And Rear Sway Bars
  • Modified SPC Camber Arms
  • Painted Brake Calipers
  • Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors
  • Hawk HPS Brake Pads


  • Sure Motorsports Engine Mounts
  • NRG Catch Can
  • CNT Downpipe
  • Ported and Polished Exhaust Manifold
  • Ported and Polished Intake Manifold
  • Sure Tig Thermal Intake and Throttle Body Spacers
  • Autotech Fuel Pump Internals
  • Sure Injector Seals
  • ARP Head Studs
  • Sure Balance Shaft Delete
  • Forged Block
  • Sure Motorsports Full 3 inch Intake and Inlet Pipe
  • EGR Block Off Plate
  • CX Racing FMIC
  • Cobb Acessport
  • APH Tuned
  • Turbosmart BOV
  • Group 34 Deka AGM Style Battery


  • Apexi Turbo Timer
  • Center Console Gauge Pod
  • AEM Tru Boost Gauge and Controller
  • AEM Wideband O2 Gauge
  • AEM Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Sony XAV64BT Double Din Deck
  • 6.5″ Skar Audio VX165 Components in Front Doors
  • 6.5″ Skar Audio RPX65 Coaxials in Rear Doors
  • Skar Audio LP-80.4 4 Channel Amp Running Door Speakers
  • (2) Skar Audio VVXV2 Subwoofers
  • Skar Audio SK-800.1 Amp Running Subwoofers
  • Custom Fiberglass / Ported Subwoofer Box
  • 0 Gauge Skar Audio Amp Wiring Kit
  • Custom Wrapped Door Panels and Pillars
  • Custom Painted Center Console to Match Rims
  • NRG Hub and Steering Wheel
  • Hurst Shift Knob


  • Kjohn Car Innovations
  • SOS Autosport
  • Streetunit
  • Victory Build Fabrications
  • Skar Audio
  • Art In Motion Auto Care
  • Standard Suspension



  1. – The paint has dust and specks all over the vehicle
    – There is over-spray over the black window sills
    – Front re-bar is covering a portion of the intercooler.
    – Intercooler pipes are angled unevenly from each other, pass. side towards the ground and judging my how low the vehicle is, it probably only has an 1.5-2″ from the road
    – Exhaust is one good bump away from breaking off, flying into a vehicle or person behind and seriously injuring or killing them upon impact.
    – Bumper fitment is horrible.

    Seems the car has visited many 2nd tier shops when it should have only visited one reputable/established shop and had everything done correctly the first time around.

  2. Seen this up-close at Mega speed, the paint looks awful and appears very thin. The rear quarter panels are oddly shaped but perhaps are the only solid piece of the entire vehicle. Also whoever welded the angled exhaust tips must of been blind because that’s quite possibly the worst welding job I’ve seen in my life.

    Overall with the exception of the stereo and motor build, the car is a downgrade in virtually every aspect .

  3. I still remember when this beaut was white on teal ! Big ups to my buddy Trevor for not giving up when she gave up the ghost! screw these other guys comments for hating on this 3, you work with what you got.

  4. Hey guys love the comments. But when you dont come talk to the owner of the vehicle at its debut. .. you wouldnt know how the car was not fully done when seen.
    1. Paint was right out of the booth not completed
    2. Its a European clear coat which is a anti scratch clear
    3. I dont know how the exhaust will fall off compared to any other tip? Fully mounted same as any other.
    4. You should contact Cx racing and ask them why they designed their intercooler to run like that.
    5. If you own a mazda.. let me know how your bumper fits.. 85% of ms3 owners bumpers dont sit right
    6. How are they the worst welds. Haha.

    But hey.. thanks for the love

  5. Excellent article on a very unique build. Congrats Trevor on all the love you are getting so far. The only downside is deciding which of the MANY companies will get to shoot the car next.

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  7. I don’t get why the wider rims if the contact patch stills the same, even with a wider tire there’s no more contact surface unless you switch to a softer compound.

  8. Hi,

    Nice car!
    From where did you buy the Garage Vary Front Lip and how was the fitment?

    Jakob, Sweden

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