WTF Friday: Extreme Bodydrops


This was actually originally slated to be a Theme Tuesday but once I got a few vehicles deep I realized that the content was better suited for a WTF Friday because most are pretty far over the top.

I actually remember many of the trucks below from my days of lurking mini-truck forums during high school, but a few I have never seen before or completely blocked  out.

Sorry in advance for the photo quality, I guess high-resolution photos and extreme body drops don’t often mix.

This is the only truck from this year and actually inspired me to dig up the rest of the vehicles in this post. There is a motor under the hood but it is not a Chevy, it’s an Alfa Romeo motor of all things
When your truck is low enough that this is the easiest way to get out, you know you have a low truck
Couldn’t find anymore pictures of this bodied Astro. Not sure if that is a good think to a bad thing
Apparently there were no seats in this truck, they just sat on the floor
So far as I can tell this truck was never completed past this point. Truck guys?
Same can be said for this car, never saw it finished
Combo breaker with this ridiculous Prelude
I’ve posted this truck previously but it is the lowest Blazer I’ve ever seen
No need for a roll pan when you have no bumper
No need for a roll pan when you have no bumper
Fiero rear clip, wedged between a slightly widened Blazer rear
The power came from a Fiero motor and most of the frame was custom
This is another well know super body dropped truck
Though plated I don’t think I’ve ever seen pictures of it outside of a show
…probably for good reason
This almost made this week’s Theme Tuesday, but I held it back for this


I can’t imagine what it would be like driving this on the highway near big rigs and the like, the probably wouldn’t see you and you wouldn’t really see much of them
Not sure what’s going on with the windows…


I’d actually be really interested in more pictures of this. It looks pretty well done and it might even hold together visually at ride height, the rear wheels and cowl also make me wonder if it has some power 

Sorry, not sorry for the overload of truck content this week. #yeahtrucks


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