While I would like to say I do everything around here my self I actually receive support from a close group of friends and I would like to take a moment to thank the following people for continuing to help out:

Lyndsey McDonald – Contributing photographer, Feature photographer, Art department, Brand manager

Keven Soldo – Contributing photographer, Partner in crime, Contributing author, Talent scout

Sam Huard – Contributing photographer

Mike Branco – Contributing photographer

Steve Wharton – E11even:11 photography – Contributing photographer, Feature photographer

Mike McConnell – Contributing photographer

Jon Ouimette – Contributing Photographer

Aidan Borges (Mr VIP) – VIP consultant

Oliver Pickard – Theme Tuesday contributor, Oliver’s travels contributor

Josh Shohei – Fact checker, editor, Guest blogger, and tells me I am doing it wrong…..when he isn’t pissing me off with dumb ass arguments like sequential transmissions don’t belong in cars

If you are interested in contributing don’t hesitate to email