Theme Tuesdays: Pictures With Attitude: 4


I love doing these ‘Pictures with attitude’ aka rad picture Theme Tuesdays because it gives me a chance to let my automotive A.D.D. run wild.

The car hobby is a big one and there is no fun in only enjoying select parts of it all the time.

Epic win
Don't see enough modified 300zx's
Tons of clearance
I love the no big deal look on his face
Would suck to put down low numbers in front of all these people lol
Think he kept it on 2 or rolled right over
Do work!
Another oddball drifter, sorta wonder if I have posted this before
Hell yes.
This is either Rust and Dust or Jalopy showdown I can't remember
That face is nothing but attitude
I would need a new change of underwear
She has good taste


  1. joe me and you both im in love with that gta its a work of art!!!! that mark 2 is at the moment when you discover adrenalin is brown and runs down your leg amazing pick ! speeking of wich did you hear about kenny block being 10min behind Sebastien Loeb at the last round of wrc? that is maybe the nicest 3oozx ive ever seen often thay can look cheep in a simalar way to starions no? ive always wantes a clean period 32 rod for ever since i was about 5 i must have 500 picks of them on my hard drive easy

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