Cruisin’ Solo


I’ve been a fan of this  Toyota Celsior (Lexus LS430) since I first saw it at last years SEMA show. Since then I’d only seen a couple additional photos of it online but not as many solo feature photo shoots as I would have expected a car of this caliber to have.

In fact just this Monday I was looking for high resolution photos of the car to show Mat at Seche Media the vinyl wrap job and had a hard time coming up with photos that were close enough to really showcase the matte white color that’s on the car.

Thankfully that all changed this Tuesday.

As fate would have it bright and early Tuesday morning a new set of photos popped up in my facebook feed with all the detailed shots of the car I could ever want.

While I’m not an LS expert by any means I’ve seen a couple in my travels both online and first hand and I can honestly say that this is one of the cleanest, most unique, and well put together ones I’ve come across to date.

Both set’s of wheels that I’ve seen on this car, the blacked out Forgestars and these Works, have done nothing but compliment the rest of the work done all around the car including the cars look which is a combination of high class parts from various vendors including Job Design and BC Racing.

The Job Design body work really speaks for itself
I really like how the body of the car has a really restrained color pallet...
...but then details like the hood sash and gloss white vinyl really pop out
The subtle trunk spoiler is also another great touch to the rear end along with the unique pin striping
Close up of the Work kicks
The Works in these photos are actually a friends which he was using to test a more aggressive offset
Not sure what Solo has planned next, but I have a feeling its significant...

The best part about this car (other than the fact it’s a daily) is that the owner is not not only a blogger like myself (who’s blog Go With SOLO I have mentioned before), but he is also a super nice guy that’s always down to exchange a few words online regarding the wide variety of automotive subjects I throw his way.

I’ve yet to show him a muscle car from here he has not seen in person or heard about, but I’m working on that…

Photo Credits Solomon Lee


  1. Ahhh… gotcha. I just googled it and it’s definitely a Celsior. That would also explain the Celsior emblem on the trunk. That had me stumped for a while there. Thanks Joe.

  2. i wana know how (jedi) joe always beats me to the guess the car features ????
    not a lover of this boat everything just seams to be not quite there

  3. Very nice post…I’ve been waiting for you to post up Solo’s car lol…His cars are my inspiration 🙂

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