No Mercy.


I feel bad for people that can’t appreciate a wide variety of vehicles because I couldn’t imagine ever calling myself a car enthusiast and not liking something as magnificent as this Nova.

The only thing I find harder to imagine is building a car like this then going on to sell it.

If it were mine, and someone did mange to convince me to sell it they would hear about it until the day I died.

It looks like that side exit has 1/8 of an inch clearance
Staring a killer in the eyes
Fitting a wheel and tire setup like this takes a little more than rolling fenders
Can’t fit a body back here anymore, but it’s worth it
I love muscle cars for their love and need of lots of rim and lots and lots of tire.
502 gives no Mercy
Sure it probably makes 8mpg but I would gladly drive it from station to station

Spotted on -273 – and it’s still on ebay for $100,000.00 if you’re ballin’.


  1. I’m with Will. With this I’d be more worried about the oil pan and exhaust actually staying on the car. Especially if it’s in Jersey.

  2. cave man enginering is fun and looks shit hot but the wheels are a bit complicated for me lol

  3. I actually have a 1/18 scale-ish die cast model at home of this exact car (but mine is badged SS)….soooo love it. My dad had one (stock, back in the day)…

  4. This car is from Hammonton nj. Its like 15 min from my house. These pictures do it no justice. This thing is sick. I see it every year at the Hammonton blueberry fest. Quick fact: Hammonton Is the blueberry capital of the world.

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