The 12 Auto Blogs of Christmas 2010


Last year I put together a list of twelve automotive blogs I read because I felt the authors of those blogs did excellent work and deserved some recognition for it.

This year the reasons for the list are exactly the same and only the blogs have changed. There are tons of excellent automotive blogs  (I am subscribed to 83 and counting)  but here is a list of a few I recommend taking the time to check out after you have checked out the latest here.

Like last year this list is in no particular order.


Remember those two awesome Volkswagen Corrados I posted in late August and Early September? Well they both came from Supermade.

Similar to this blog Supermade is a one man show run by a gentleman who has an excellent eye for the cleanest, lowest, and fastest Volkswagen (and Audis) the net has to offer.

I am consistently blown away by the cars that appear here.


Noteworthy Posts
Sleeping Beast
The Canadians Rolling


Hardparked is the type of blog that is sure to annoy people who take things too seriously. If you want a light hearted look at current automotive trends and news this is where to look.

There is a lot of satire here, but it’s all in good fun, and hey, someone had to say it right?

Can you believe this is a Celica?

Noteworthy Posts
Englishtown NJ Fall Nationals 2010
WTB: Fake $hit
‘buh is herra frush

it’s jdm yo !!!

If you like hot women and hot cars there is a good chance you will like ‘its jdm yo!!!‘  This California based blog run by Tony Lee has a lot of the contributing photography done by the e-famous Keith Cheng aka Key Chain aka the guy with one of the best looking Honda Accords on the net.

Be warned though, this blog certainly pushes the borders of what’s safe for work so depending on your job maybe make it an after work thing.

Another cool thing is that Tony put some SIE stickers are on the banner they take to events awesome!

Women + Cars = It's JDM Yo!!!

Noteworthy Posts
Gymkhana Grid x Mass Appeal
The Chronicles x it’s jdm yo!!! FEATURE! Air Runner five axis GS
More Lexani model coverage for your FBF yo! And we got some major underbewb!!!(semi-NSFW)

Scraped Crusaders

This post wouldn’t be complete without showing some love to some of the local guys helping put the GTA car scene on the digital map.

Popping up just this year Gillbert along with past featured photographer Matt Berenez (Deathlens) have put in quite a bit of work in on this slammed car appreciation blog.

Their archives are already getting pretty full of a great assortment of cars so don’t sleep.

Scraped Crusaders.

Noteworthy Posts
Fastest Drift of All-time?
Goddamn CCWs
Death Lens 2010 Show Reel

Oh You Speak English

‘Oh you speak English’ is the blog of Yuta Akaishi, and while you may not be familair with his name you are no doubt familar with his 240z.

His blog is the perfect balance of car culture and random nonsense. It’s a great blog to check out on Monday when work is smacking you in the face with suck after a great weekend.

Not a real URL

Noteworthy Posts
Random Pics
Photos I stole from the Internet
VIP wagons on the way to Ebisu.


Another auto/other stuff hybrid V2Lab is run by Ravi who is photographer/artist that’s into anything cool. This includes cars, skateboarding, music, and BMX.

You’ve probably also seen some of his photo work over on Hella Flush and will no doubt see more in the near future.

Third sticker is win.

Noteworthy Posts
Fixx Fest 2010
Festivals of Speed – Orlando
Audi TT – Form & Function

Proper Specs

Another local blog, Proper Specs is run by the man currently holding the best stance at Importfest crown. While other obligations occasionally keep Mike from posting for awhile when he does he usually delivers the goods.

This blog will probably start to pick up again once the snow starts to melt.


Noteworthy Posts
This Baby sits Low!
Stance Red-y STI
Proper Feature: Golden Fitment

I Heart Stance

Have you ever wondered what stance looks like through the eyes of a pink obsessed blond haired female? Will if you have then ‘I Heart Stance‘ is where you ought to be.

I hooked up with (not like that) Taryn via twitter and added her blog to my reader after checking it daily for about a week.

Women don’t often blog about cars with stance so this is a bit of a rare bird.

I <3 Stance

Noteworthy Posts
Chasing Stance Continued
Sweet Photography
Progress on the fastback


I originally visited this blog thinking it would be about the technology behind lowered cars, I guess it was the name that made me jump to that conclusion. As it would turn out this blog isn’t about that at all, it’s focus is awesome, classic, traditionally built hot rods and customs.

Remember the uber clean Nasvhille I posted a few months ago? Ya that was found on Lowtech.

Awesome picture from one of Lowtechs garage tours

Noteworthy posts
Roadster Season
Dana Harvey’s 1933 Roadster
Down and Dirty In Germany


illmotion‘ is a group of eight car guys from a part of Canada that is much, much, colder than here, Calgary.

For how long they have been around and how harsh their winters are the IM crew has put in a ton of work in the time they have been around. So if you are looking to see what’s going on in a colder part of Canada check them out.

Beauty of a Celica

Noteworthy Posts
2008 Mazda ‘Slowagn’
iM random Snaps: It’s All About Having FUN!
iM Feature: Romel Tenchavez’s 1977 Toyota Celica GT

iM Event Coverage: Spec D’s ‘Sunday Funday’

Ivy League East

Ivy League East is, as the name suggests, an East Coast dedicated blog run by a group of enthusiasts who have been around the scene for awhile.

The blog is a great combination of awesome looking cars (some of which are actually to the GTA) and completely random images like this.


Noteworthy Posts
Ivy League
Nardicles Rollin’

Go With Solo

After learning that Solo drives this Job Design Neo Hybrid Celsior I saw at SEMA we exchanged a few emails and from our exchanges I was able to tell that he was my type of car enthusiast.

Like myself he likes everything from VIP to Muscle and back again so his blog contains a great amount of variety.

My current favorite VIP car

Noteworthy Posts
Satou-Jihan UCF30 Celsior
326 Power Japan VIP
Good Guys Autocross

That wraps up this years list of The 12 Auto Blogs of Christmas 2010 but if you ever want to know which other automotive blogs I really enjoy just check out the blog roll in the right rail.

Everyone have a safe and Happy Holidays and I’ll be back with some more posts on Monday.



  1. Thanks for the shout out guys. And to be clear, it’s actually 5 people running/writing for the site, 3 of which are the photographers. Hope you guys all have a great holiday season!

    – j @

  2. Thanks! It’s always great to see more quality blogs. Yours will still be the first I check after work though.

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