Travelling Ryvers


Chances are that unless you bought your wheels new they have a bit of a back story behind them. With the amount of wheel whoring going on in the scene it is not uncommon for wheels to pass through many sets of hands before and after their current owner.

Most times we never really get to know what happens to our wheels after we sell them or where they were before we got them. However sometimes in select cases one of the owners goes that extra mile to keep tabs on what happened to their rollers after they got sold.

When Zach emailed me last week asking to know a little more about the Work Ryver wheels on Dominics featured Focus my interest was peaked as I figured the likley hood of these wheels being his was farily slim.

Chances were a bit better than usual though because as Zach pointed out Ryvers in that bolt pattern, width, and offset are pretty rare. Since there was no harm in asking I shot Dom an email asking where he got the wheels and to all of our surprise they were the set Zach had imported.

Here is the picture story of how it all went down:

Zach imported these wheels about 3 years ago after waiting 8 months for them
Shortly after arrival he test fit them on his Accord
Things looked good so he mounted them up
The end result was a clean car on a unique set of wheels
Being a rare wheel I'm pretty sure he had the only set for miles
Sadly the car was involved in a head on and written off, but the wheels survived
He sold the wheels to a friend who refinished them in Carmel brown
His friend rocked them on his XB for a few weeks but they were just a bit too aggressive for what he was after
Try as he might to get them to work out he had to put them up for sale on
Which kind of sucks because they looked great on the XB
Dan originally rocked them black face with polished lips
Before ordering new lips and refinishing them to what they are now
The wheels (and car) are now in the hands of Dom's friend James

The craziest thing to me is that the wheels ended up in the hands of two BMX riders who found out on a blog run by a rider, its a festivus Stance Is Everything miracle!


  1. pretty cool story!! I had my stock snowflakes off and painted them black and never put them back on.. then sold them to another 3 owner for 500 bucks who put brand new tires on them only to trade the 3 in a month later for an rx8… he kept the wheels which i bought back for $400 with brand new tires lol… they are now for sale again haha

  2. Awesome, thanks Dave! The lips on these were actually chrome plated, if I recall correctly. They looked good with black faces/chrome lip on Dom’s focus too. There is also a really good rolling shot of Dan’s xB on the Ryvers floating around somewhere, I just can’t seem to find it.

  3. If you would like to see an updated photo of the wheels let me know and I can send some. Do to having to avoid an accident happening in front of me, and DC drivers, the left front received some curb rash a few weeks back. As soon as I get my Jeep back i will be sending it off to be repaired up in Maryland. This weekend I plan on putting some paint in the rash to hide it a bit but I am sure I can get most of it hidden till it can be repaired properly.

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