WTF Friday: Not so furious?


I’ve got to say I am pretty surprised that no one saw anything too crazy at the Fast Five Premieres in their respective areas. Perhaps it’s a sign of car modification trending towards cleaner, simpler, mods, or maybe it’s just a sign that I should have put a better prize up for submitting photos 😛

Anyway no big deal, the show must go on so I have some perplexing cars from the same thread I got this gem of a car from.

First up are a couple donked up FD’s:

Well, the height is right
From what I read this one actually runs 11.5's in the 1/4 exactly like this
If it does that with these heavy rollers I wonder what it could do with lighter wheels

This next one is also a fairly quick car equipped with super heavy show wheels for whatever reason. I read that this is a 10 second car making it worthy of Race Wars in F&F1.

Show mode
Hard launch in go mode

As for Fast Five it was alright. If you have not read already the franchise appears to be moving towards more of a generic action movie feel with a few cars sprinkled in. The car I was most happy to see was the DeTomaso Pantera even though it was only in the movie for about five minutes if that.

The whole thing actually reminded me a lot of ‘The Expendables’ because it was a good reunion movie with implausible action sequences dreamed up to keep males amused.

Mission accomplished.

Site Updates

Rob’s International feature was mentioned on Autoblog yesterday so the site received an incredible traffic bump. The comments on autoblog are interesting to say the least but I am very happy more people got to see both the amazing build and the photos.

Huge thanks once again to the owner Rob and Steve Wharton from E11even11 Photography for doing all of the hard work for that feature.

Car wise my wheels are back in my possession with the tires mounted and all that great stuff.

Yep, all you get for now is a crappy Iphone4 pic that does not show the face color

I will be taking proper pictures of them over the weekend and will have high res before and after shots up next week.

No mounted pics any time soon I still have to get my car back from the body shop (next week), and install camber arms, then detail my car as it desperately needs another claybar. I am also waiting for another set of wheel locks to show up to me door as I don’t want anybody making off with my new kicks.

End of the month is still the goal.

Flashback Friday

Ask me how bummed I am about Scrape not happening this year and my answer would be ‘very’. I know Nine-0-Five rides is planning something to make up for it though so that should help my withdrawal from low lows.

Here’s last years coverage if you missed it.

This was the main Scrape draw for me don't see this anywhere else

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
The Women of Scrape By The Lake

Might spend the weekend organizing my garage since my car won’t be in there…


  1. iirc, those rx7’s are part of australia’s ‘sex-spec’ scene. just punch it into google and you’ll get plenty more like it! not a fan myself, but i know a few people who swear by it lol

  2. I really wish i would have brought my camera to the show. It ended up being sold out and so decided to browse the parking lot and it was a joy. Some gorgeous Nissan Silvias… maybe an idea for a theme?

  3. The Fast and Furious cars in scotland are *puuuuuke* awful..

    Those RX’s are totally ruined in my book :C

    Also, LOVING your rims man, can’t wait to see em on that mazda!

    Also, you made a hardcore Veedubber like Mazdas. Shame on you!


  4. the purple FD is ok, the teal one hmmm not so much. to each his own i guess.
    your wheels look good already, can’t wait to see them mounted and in color.

  5. The proper way to say it is dunk. Those are not close to dunk status. Those are how europiens do. Alot of them like there cars flashy. I’m not condoining this style. I’m just sayin they are really called dunks and everything that’s European is good.

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