Put it all on purple


It’s a good thing I am not really a gambling man (I don’t consider lucking out at slots to be gambling) because if I walked into a casino and said ‘put it all on purple’ people would realize very quick I have no idea what I am doing.

However if I had some money to throw behind Canadian drift teams one of them would be Drift Union. Awesome guys with great cars and even better attitudes.

Check out the 2011 lineup.

This year the team is Logan (Subaru), Shawn (Mazda), and new addition Steven (Lexus).

Logan with his new 0 camber in the rear setup
Shawn is also rocking no camber as well, and I think a new motor setup now...
And the newest addition to the team, Steven
I'm curious how much of that Purple DU has in the shop
Logan rockin the gold URL sticker, thanks dude!
This post was worthless without sideways
Shawn gettin' loose

Keep up with these guys at DriftUnion.com

Photo Credits:
Wesley Barber
Cole Chalmers


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