Event Coverage: Nextmod BBQ 2011


Nextmod decided to be patient this year and hold their BBQ a little later than they had previous years.

This patience was rewarded with a stellar turnout (as always) with the quality and quantity of cars coming out rivalling a lot of the local parking lot shows in the area.

Everyone knows these BBQs are a good time because what can really go wrong when you’ve got great weather, great cars and free food?

Whether you stay all day or only for a few hours you won’t get bored or hungry on the date there is an NM BBQ.

The BBQ line may have been long but it was certainly worth the wait


The drift cars at the BBQ were pretty easily identifiable, one because I know a couple of them and two because of their copious use of zip ties.

I got pictures of most of the drifters who came out other than Anthony who I guess I am subliminally upset with for bending a Falken Hanabi.

Chris was one of the first cars I saw when I drove by but I couldn't find him for awhile
Then I looked to see who was spinning records and there he was
Jon's car looking a little more angry than usual
Cool Kids Gang signs
I'm not used to seeing Jon's car without a huge amount of smoke coming out the back

Scraped Crusaders

I came expecting to see two new things from the Scraped Crusaders crew and they didn’t disappoint.

The first was Gillbert's car on his BBS wheels
Front shot of Gil's new toxic green/yellow BBS wheels
The second is this e30 which I think people were sleeping on because the stance is one thing...
but this swap is something else entirely, Steve put in work

Kia / Hyundai

Lot’s of Kia Souls and Hyundai Gens at the BBQ, I still have not seen someone slam a Soul more than a little over an inch… yet.

Who ever did this airbrushing has quite a bit of talent
I saw a few Gens cruising around but Alvin's is the only one I caught in one place
Officially a production color now


So I had to ask the owner about this finish, it was paint, 2 coats of matte black with 2 coats of matte clear
This car is for sale if you are interested...

Nissan and Lexus

I think this car is damn near perfect
This is the only shot I have ever taken that captures the gold flake in Sam's paint
This Silvia was parked next to me, made me look bad but made it impossible to miss
Nearly had to put glasses on not to be blinded by these VS-XX wheels
Not sure how Jon managed to keep this a secret for so long
One of my favourite local r32s
I didn't see Peter once all Sunday, too busy taking care of customers
First time I have seen the new JDM ego cover in person, I might have to trade up
This is the guy who chose the Red/Black color scheme you all enjoyed so much


The owner of the car in the foreground and I discussed forced induction for awhile, let me know how that goes Marwan
This teg has been around for awhile and it's always clean
I don't recall the flip flop painted valve cover before, compliments the Jackson SC well
Very nice CRZ
Talked with the owner of this hatch for awhile about all things wheel refinishing
APH/NM s2000
I've always though this car resembled a fish (or shark) so the koi graphics are fitting
Dope fith gen Prelude on RPF-1s
Very nice
Nice clean fitment on this Acrua, colors are reminiscent of Subaru
Spencer found a new way to keep under hood temps down on the track
My goal was to go back and get another shot of this supercharged NSX but then I went to get food...


Richie picked up a shirt a few days ago, and we should be linking up soon to take some new photos
Bagged Golf on benzo Alphards
The hate because I care sticker is a new one for me
This the A3 that's for sale that pops up in my facebook feed constantly
Asking price is 20 grand if you would like to help out...

Mazda and Mitsubishi

Miata offering mustache rides
Ash has always had one of my favorite Speed3s it's simple but always catches my eye
Couple rides from Toronto Mazda 3
One of two cars rocking this awesome wheel color
I took a picture of my car but I liked Hitesh's shot better so I am running it instead
Angry lookin' Evo
Carson cruising through, have I mentioned this car puts down 431hp?

Many thanks to Peter and the Nextmod crew for putting this BBQ on year after year.

Also thanks to all of the other shop owners in the area for letting us take your spots all day.

See you next year.


  1. Well it only took stance 2 yrs to take a picture of the Kias, even when the Krown Lakeshore winner was a Kia Forte. But at least it was my wifes car! Give us time, we are new to the tuner scene, and most of us have never tuned a car before, plus all the vehicles are still under warranty. I know that probably ever other make has an advantage and every single ride there was Awesome in its own way, we all do our own little things to make our ride unique. We may not yet be some of the coolest rides out there but we are coming, and will represent KDM every chance we get. I resent the inch comment, cause my Pink Tornado Endcancer.ca Soul is dropped 2 inches…lol. Right now i think our big issue is finding the equiptmemt to modify, no coilovers available, tough to find headers to compare quality when there is only 2, but dont worry Peter is working on it and has been Awesome at helping bring us forward! See you next year, and we will be at Importexpo again, and hopefully at Importfest!

  2. @ DaveT No worries, we are new and it takes time for us, it was actually the fact that you didnt post a pic of the winning Koup ( or any Kias) from the Krown Lakeshore event. I am not saying it was wrong, it just made me realize how new we are to the tuner scene, and how hard we are going to work to get recognition within a group of Manufacturers who have decades more experience than we do, even our sister company has sponsored CSCS, and yet I cant get Kia to do anything. Trying to be the voice for Kia is extremely hard when you cant get anyone else besides a bunch of hardcores to believe in you. Even Hyundai now has a performance parts division, and may I add he was a driving force at Kia when the Soul and Koup were released, now they’ve got someone useless that hasnt done squat in over a year! I will carry the burden for as long as I have to, but one day we will be a mainstay in the tuner scene.

    • @C Cooper He told me but I forget… I know they are tunershop lips though I will see if I can find out

      @ Cool Kids stop running into walls… or run into walls more

      @SC I’m sure you will get some good shots at h20i

  3. Still good to see the candy teal wheels out and about on the mazda. I Shot those 😛 Also, the white mazda with the burgundy wheels, More info on color? pics?

    Anyone needs and powder done, Holla [email protected]

  4. It looks Awesome man! The color of the wheels caught my eye immediately 😛 This past weekend I was experimenting with candies 😛 Normally with all candies we shoot, we use a silver reflective base coat, Like on the teal ones. But I powdered my intake manifold candy red with a black base coat, and it looks almost identical to your wheels 😛 I love it haha (i’m a huge sucker for bugundy) Especially on white, I was in an accident last month, so I didn’t make it out to this even with the SC guys, but next year I’ll be out in the MKIV lol Ironically I’m painting white as well, with the same color wheels hahah but flat white 😛

  5. Glad you like it I was going for something different without screaming look at me I am different. If you were not a painter I would tell you the color 😉

    Are you powdering a car or did I read that wrong

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