Theme Tuesdays: BTCC Cars


Before I launch into today’s Theme Tuesday let me say that I know very, very, little about the British Touring Car Championship series so if some of these are from a different series or something don’t be surprised and feel free to let me know*.

When it comes to BTCC I feel I’d safe putting money down that a lot of people are fans because the competition is fierce and the cars (for race cars) very closely resemble what you see out on the road.

These cars are some of the fastest slammed somewhat stock bodied cars around which makes them quite awesome.

Why tucking spoke out back? Because race car
Every s40 owners dream?
Ford Mondeo and a Nissan Primeara I beleive
E30 can never lose
Can you identify all the wheels on the side of this? One looks like the notoriously soft Hock Rs
Clarion still sponsor race teams?
Tuckin' tire is fire
Looks like a little three wheel action going on there
I suddenly have the urge to build multiple Tamiya models
Some inspiration for all the Accord owning readers
Tiny picture but it is full of awesome
Fender to door action
Nissan's all over this post
Google: Listerine Clifford 1990 UK Advert... its weird
Another euro Accord
Vauxhall wearing a few battle scars
I can't easily recall any street Contours/Mondeo that look this good
A rare stationary shot
Man I miss my various slot car tracks

*Robb if you are not buying another CRX here is your chance to geek out.


  1. Hey, the “Tuckin’ tire is fire” was Colin McRae’s 1992 BTCC BMW 318is, he was better known for his WRC Championship in the Subaru Impreza WRC 🙂

    The Listerine Car was Tim Harvey’s Championship winning 318is, they ran with a S14 engine and introduced sequential gearboxes to the championship.. if you want to see great racing, youtube “Cleland Harvey Soper BTCC 1992” – one of the all time best tin top races…ever.

    The Nissan Primera was the owner of Janspeed, Keith O’dor who sadly died…and great to see the Frank Synter/Matt Neal E30s. However, for real BTCC action, go further back to 1990. Youtube Birmingham Superprix BTCC…Ford RS500’s in the mix with E30 M3’s…

  2. The Wheels on the side of Matt Neals Nissan primera are from the left

    Team dynamics super touring
    Team dynamics dtm
    Team dynamics qualifier
    Team dynamics cosmos

    What do I win

  3. Love the Theme this week…but really, no Audi? I mean they only dominated the BTCC series enough to get kicked out. Quattro was considered an unfair advantage.

  4. Audi used to run the 80/100 model late in its life before changing over too the A4, they used to be silver with large red audi rings down the sides! Looked great! I created a pair of copies for my 2 rc touring cars! Pretty much favorite design!
    Volvo first entered the V70 series into the game in the mid 90’s over a breakdown in communications as they thought it was the ‘British Towing Car Championships’!!! Mind, seeing a big volvo estate popping 3 wheel action rocked!
    Most the pictures are the better days of the 90’s champs, lot more action filled and closer to the road cars! Great spectical!
    As Alan mentioned above, youtube has som great vids of it!

  5. Yeah Audi entered the BTCC in ’96 with the silver A4 (Frank Biela) and dominated the series that year, by the next year they had weight penalty added, and still won over half the season I think. Then finally TOCA (governing body of the series) decided to ban AWD. Audi was not able to keep the car in the top postions as much…but by that time the series was on a downward slide in the late 90’s….it was too expensive for manufacturers to keep racing and Audi among a few others dropped out. Similar to what happened in Rally,…yes.

    Audi has re-entered the BTCC for 2011…stay tuned!

  6. When I saw the title I was hoping I’d see the S40 in here and you didn’t fail, thank you Dave for showing some love to my beloved S40

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