Theme Tuesdays: Best of the Fast & Furious


So my friend Josh is to thank blame for today’s Theme Tuesday. I actually had a different one 90% complete then we got talking about the Fast and The Furious franchise and next thing you know I am spending my lunch hour collecting images of the cars I liked from all of the movies.

This list is probably a little different than Josh thought it would turn out because my ‘classic American cars are awesome’ bias is clearly showing for a good portion of this post.

10 second car.
Tweak the height and the width/offset of these wheels and these replica GT3RS's could make another Theme Tuesday
Even hiding out from the DEA Brian's gotta roll a skyline
I don't really enjoy a lot of Tokyo Drift (thanks Bow Wow), but I did enjoy this car in the beginning... before it was rolled anyway
I wonder if this Veliside RX-7 was the inspiration for the Meguair's Challenge winning car
All the stunt cars were so damn high
Takashi's 350z
Brian's taste in cars improved greatly as the movies went on
This Nissan powered fastback was equally loved and equally hated by people on both sides of the fence
If I recall this Gran Torino wasn't in Fast and Furious long but it was in there...
When this showed up in Fast Five I was stoked. I love these
Chosing the LFA was almost too easy
GNX seems more like a villain car but I guess Dom is an anti-hero
When I saw this truck in the trailer of Fast and Furious I was immediately more interested
These 80s crew cabs were not all movie magic just makes them even more amazing
502 big blocks under the hood apparently gave these the ability to "drift like a Nissan Z car"
The F-bomb replicas were also pretty cool
But when you are replicating perfection it's hard to go wrong
You had to know I wouldn't end this with any other car.

Photo Credit:
Hot Rod Magazine
Auto Modified Design
Rotten Tomatoes
Import Tuner

So that’s my list, what would yours be?


  1. You got a lot of the cream of the crops for these…You should have put up the white Porsche Cayman S in Fast and Furious also…that thing was sex!

  2. this is so dope because i just saw all the fast and furious moves and i really like ur website i have been following it for like a year now

  3. call me crazy but Hector’s hatch from the first one, it was love at first sight.
    that and the Charger of course.

  4. respect man u started it off with the best car ever, i saw the fast and the furious and said I’m gonna make the Supra so now i have a perfect replica of it sitting in my garage i was gonna do Brian’s Mitsubishi eclipse from the start but can’t find any info in the engine or any decent pics of the out side if u wanna help please send me web site name’s for info and pic’s my email is [email protected]


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