WTF Friday: Fair Game


Last Saturday my girlfriend and I headed out to Dorchester Ontario for some Thanksgiving festivities and while there we attended the annual fair. This year the fairs main attractions were a freestyle motocross demo and a demolition derby.

I am posting the coverage today because a) it doesn’t really fit anywhere else and b) Dorchester residents who had never seen FMX before could be heard uttering WTF when the two riders putting on the demo took to the sky.

This is the first time I have attended a derby that wasn’t at a Monster truck event and I can certainly see the appeal of them from both a spectator and participant stand point.

This Acura was killing the figure 8 race and loud as hell
Until it ended up in a head on collision and the radiator got popped
This triple 7 Civic ended up doing pretty well... vtec must have kicked in
The pro modified class was only three cars which was a little disappointing
Tandem doughnuts
Not sure the green car did so well after this
Next up was the super stock class which in my opinion was the most interesting
This wagon had some camber forced upon it and an interesting name so I rooted for it
Then the drive shaft fell popped out of the diff and that was that
Then to add insult to injury 1919 shoved it into the corner
Talk about crumple zones...

It pains me to admit I am ‘one of those guys’ but I really want to see an FMX flip in person and so far it has not happened, I won’t go as far to be that jackass in the crowd that yells do a back flip but hopefully it happens soon.

Both of these riders were pretty good at what the did so I really wish the announcer just let them ride openly more than tell them what to do.

Apparently to get on the local FMX tour you have to audition and be able to do wheelies
Big ol cliffhanger
Huge KOD
Stretched Cordova
Hart Attack
Super stylish superman
It always amazes me how stable the bikes are by themselves in the air
and not a single f*ck was given this day

Site Updates

Got a new readers ride that I shot last weekend which should be going up Monday (provided I have time to edit the photos), and Sunday, weather permitting (and after my girlfriend runs a half marathon), I am going to swing by the SQUEAKY CLEAN Specialty Meet/Show @JRP.

Flashback Friday

I was reading a Taurus wagon build thread that reminded me of this Bonneville I posted last December which is still the best looking Bonneville I have ever seen.

Still amazed at how nice the e39 headlights fit

The owner and I emailed back and forth a few times so I’ll see if I can get an update on this car.


  1. Should have come out to the Rockton worlds fair. Three nights of derby’s, three heats, consolation round, thrill shows canada show and then the final heat. All three nights. Great fun

  2. Ehh. It didn’t get interesting untill they posted the s2k and Bonneville. Derbys are nothing us stance or motorsports guys are into. I’d rather see videos of beat up sleepers. Please come harder next time.

  3. hahaha i loved the post nice job Dave. Now we gotta start a hella slammed derby… not to crash into each other but to see who can get over speed bumps curbs and train tracks the fastest with out bustin shit up

  4. I haven’t seen a good derby in a long time. I have yet to see a backflip in person too but to me anything those guys do is crazy.

    Mike what part of Indiana you from? I’m from Muncie.

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