WTF Friday: When Air Tanks Explode


There is a build thread I am reading on Stance|Works (one of the better threads of late) that talks about unorthodox tanks for air ride setups.

The original posters plan was to run a multiple piece rectangular tank stack and there has been a lot of helpful (key word) discussion about how he should go about doing so safely.

Many mentioning the importance of pressure testing the tanks to avoid blow outs like this.

The following is a set of chrome tanks that blew up after a week or so of 200psi.

The ends of the tank literally popped off
A few people mentioned how odd it was the plastic fittings had no issues
Probably sounded like a bomb...
If it did that to a Caddy trunk...

I found these photos over on where there has been quite a bit of discussion regarding chrome tanks.

Imagine this happened while the guy was driving or working on the car? Air ride is serious business.

This is the tank setup the original posted settled on after testing the setup which he says won’t see over 150psi.

The original posters final setup pressure tested up to 190psi and 155 PSI for 24hrs

And this just might be one of the best looking tank setups I have ever seen.

Would hate to see something like this rad explode

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Flashback Friday

Next ride Subaru (GRB STI is what I want) or A3 (2.0t)? I can’t call it.

Still love this.

Shot by:

Less than a week before Christmas… doubtful an A3 will show up under the tree.


  1. I’ve had a tire blow out on the truck (they’re inflated to 100 PSI) and that is pretty damn loud. I can’t imagine what 200 PSI sounds like!

  2. from experience , air tank are round for a reason!!!, anything else may “hold” air but it will not last!! I was took part in building a ‘U” shaped tank , and yes it held air but, damn, did it change shape !! looked like a 3D bubble letter ‘U”. shortly there after ….lol

  3. Those square tanks are sick! In the mini truckin world though alot of people make their frames the air tank. So technically square tubing has been done for a while, but that set up is definetly very cool!

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