Theme Tuesdays: Pictures With Attitude: 7


Not restricting this weeks post to one brand or model like the recent few instead just continuing the ‘Pictures with attitude’ (should just change it to awesome pictures) theme for another Tuesday.

It is almost hard to believe that I have done six of these so far… eventually I am going to have to think of something different to do for the tenth.

Kick this off with two rollers
Amazing looking car
Uh... lower it?
Have to figure out when I can see a wheel stander in person
Minitruck dudes always up to something...
Like a person in a position to tell other people what to do in a professional capacity
Such a wild photo
Simply G'
Why wasn't this made into a poster? Much better than it sitting on checkered tiles
Everyone one of these posts has a car lost in the smoke
Doin it right.
A little grounds keeping
The flame of the past lights the torch of the future
Incredible capture


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