Last night while checking up on a few builds on the Stance Works forums I came across this quote by Mr. Burroughs:

 Silver, Gold, or polished. Those are the gentleman’s wheel color choices.

My wheels are none of those colors so I am not sure I agree, but cars like this Z4M I later found on maxbimmer certainly support his claim.

Would fitment like this then be considered gentlemen's fitment?
I love the oem+ type of tuning style so refined
A look from the rear
His previous choice in wheels wasn't that bad either..

So what do you think are silver, polished, and gold the only true gentlemen’s wheel choices?



  1. I think you can throw black in there, but gold is definitely as crazy as it gets in “gentlemen’s wheels.” They’re the classic & timeless colors that work with everything and always look good. Period.

  2. What a clean and classy car. Forget wheel colour (although mine are getting re-done and polished soon i must add), the whole car is gentleman-like.

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