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Mustangs two weeks in a row? What’s going on?

Though most of the Mustang crowd hates the cars posted on this site those that are into the low life sure know how to put together an eye pleasing car.

The fox body will always be a favorite of many not just for it’s looks but also for its performance, distinctive exhaust note, and huge aftermarket catalog.

This 87 notch spotted on Stance| Works is one of the better looking notches I have seen online lately.

Eibach Prokits up front with H&R springs in the back with a coil removed all around
I much prefer the smoked headlights to the GTs covers often found on these
A keen observer noted that the exhaust now goes under the axle on this fox
Perfect ride height for this car if you ask me

Specs are 18×10 + 25 XXR wheels with 255/35 tires, it’s also got a Cobra 03/04 (thanks Phil) IRS suspension out back.

I should look for some Camaros to even things out..


  1. those pipes aint gona stay in one peace for long if this thing is driven like it deserves to be
    perfect stance tho

  2. Dont be afraid to show how smooth American Muscle can be! As a Mustang owner who reads daily, I see nothing but awesome.

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