Theme Tuesdays: Shelby Appreciation


I’m pretty sure today’s Theme Tuesday theme is a surprise to no one, Carroll Shelby’s impact on our culture is tremendous and to not have done a post touching on some of it would have been disrespectful of me.

I’m not going to attempt to summarize his 89 years of life and impact on the automotive culture in this post but rather post some of the many cars he had a hand in creating, influencing, or building.

The fact that he even took the time to mess with this chassis is a testament to how much he loved cars
And then of course there were these which some report were faster round the track than the '66 Mustang GT350
The gt500 CR by Classic Recreations
and who could forget the GT500?
Very tastefully done fifth gen GT500 from the SpeedHunters 2012 Shelby Reunion coverage
The GR-1 concept based on the Shelby Cobra Concept with inspiration from the Daytona Coupe
I always preferred the GTS Coupe to the viper before it, and Shelby had his hands in both cars
There is of course no omitting the Daytona Cobra Coupe which was built to put down Horses
Posted this beautiful shot on the fanpage Sunday
Superformance Daytona Coupe with Exotic Auto Restoration wide body conversion
From The Shelby exhibit at the 2010 Toronto International Auto Show
Several Million dollars worth of racing history made its way to Toronto
Ollie sent this through, the first production Cobra
No Shelby tribute would be complete without plenty of Cobras
Growing up my neighbor had two Micro Machines I really wanted, the SL 300, and the Cobra you see in the bottom corner
I think this was at the show in Kirkfield I attended
I need to go to a heritage racing event and see some of these in action first hand
The most replicated cars of all time?

If you want to read more about Caroll the NY times put out a pretty good article as did USA Today and of course there is always the Google monster.

If you want to read a completely insane story about the 4 million dollar Daytona Cobra coupe pictured below click the photo or here.

RIP Carroll Shelby.


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